Research Commercialization

The College of Agricultural Sciences is committed to fostering technology development and bringing research to the marketplace through the transfer of technologies to existing and start-up companies.

With substantial support from the Office of Research and Graduate Education, the College of Agricultural Sciences has committed to building a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators within the faculty and students. Research Application for INovation (RAIN) grants program, offers competitive funds for college researchers to translate their results to the marketplace. The college partners with the Office of Industrial Partnership to identify industrial partnership opportunities and connect college researchers to the technical challenges and needs of industry.

Entrepreneurship News

Nikki Azzara launched P.S. Snacks as a recent college graduate
P.S. Snacks Founder Tells Her Startup Story
March 29, 2018
P.S. Snacks Founder and CEO Nikki Azzara told the story of creating her company that makes good-for-you snacks from unconventional ingredients, starting with a line of bean-based cookie doughs. She spoke Thursday, March 29, to about 80 students as part of Penn State Startup Week.
The 10 ENTI students who made the trip to Israel with their guide, Marc Coles, clockwise from bottom left: Griffin Brown, Ben Cutler, Michael Willis, Pranav Jain, Ben Kenawell, Jared Franz, Coles, Tommy Hannan, Aiden Smith, Tiffany Zoe, and Trisca Ngo.
Students explore entrepreneurial spirit of Israel over spring break
March 22, 2018
A group of Penn State students in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor traveled to Israel over spring break to explore the entrepreneurial spirit of the country, meet with policymakers, and get a taste of the culture in the Middle Eastern country.
Tran (Tresca) Ngo riding a camel. Image by Benjamin Cutler.
Spring Break 2018: Learning about Israel's Start-up Culture
March 20, 2018
Israel over the last decade has become an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Ten students and their professors traveled there in early March to check it out.