Research Centers and Facilities

Penn State and the College of Agricultural Sciences are home to some of the world's premier research facilities, centers, and institutes. Here scientists are leading transformative research efforts to confront the pressing challenges and opportunities of our time. State-of-the-art facilities support the development and productivity of these robust collaborative networks, which span the diverse disciplines that address the problems facing agriculture and natural resources.


Faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences contribute as both leaders and collaborative participants across a multitude of college and University centers. The interdisciplinary networks formed through these organizations are making huge strides in protecting the environment, advancing discoveries in human and animal health, ensuring sustainable communities, and so much more.


Penn State is a pioneer in facilitating interdisciplinary research through its unique structure of University and college institutes. The broad range of disciplinary expertise encompassed in Agricultural Sciences means our faculty are actively engaged throughout this network, pursuing breakthroughs by forming collaborations that transcend academic boundaries.

Agricultural Experiment Station Research and Extension Centers

Pennsylvania agriculture is an extraordinarily diverse landscape across its more than 50,000 farms, and each region presents its own set of challenges and benefits for the state’s wide range of agricultural products. The Research and Extension Centers supported by the Agricultural Experiment Station provide targeted locations for field tests and trials and to deliver programs that benefit producers throughout the Commonwealth.

Research Facilities

The work of the College of Agricultural Sciences requires an impressive range of research facilities from the bench to the field, with service laboratories, cyberinfrastructure, greenhouses, barns, machine shops, pilot plants, and experimental farms and forests. With access to this wide range of college-supported facilities and the Penn State infrastructure at large, scientists in the college are undertaking research that can shape understandings and lead to new solutions.

14,000 acres of experimental farms and forests

12 greenhouses totaling 50,000 square feet

Operations in 312 buildings at University Park

Office for Research and Graduate Education


217 Agricultural Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802-2600