Dual-Title Degree Programs

Penn State Ag Sciences graduate degrees with a secondary focus.

Nine graduate degrees with an additional area of study to broaden your perspectives and offer you specialized, career-tailored expertise.


Enables you to gain the perspectives, techniques, and methodologies of biogeochemistry, which integrates biology, microbiology, geology, chemistry, physics, and ecology.

Clinical and Translational Sciences

Gives students the opportunity to tailor their graduate education for health-related careers in the laboratory, clinic, community, and industry.

Comparative and International Education

Explores the perspectives, techniques, and methodologies of comparative and international education, devoted to the systematic analysis of the operation and effects of the world's education systems.


Studies the size, composition, and distribution of the population; changes in these characteristics; processes that determine these changes; and their social, economic, and cultural causes and consequences.

International Agriculture and Development Graduate Program (INTAD)

Provides international perspectives and expertise to strengthen your primary area of academic focus.

Microbiome Sciences

Studies microbiomes and provides an understanding of relationships and functions and their impacts on larger systems.

Operations Research

Enables you to attain and be identified with the tools, techniques, and methodology of operations research and the analysis of a process, problem, or operation to determine its purpose and effectiveness and to gain maximum efficiency.

Transdisciplinary Research on Environment and Society (TREES)

Prepares student researchers and designers to bring a broad base of state-of-the-art methodologies, theories, and technologies for addressing contemporary natural resource and societal challenges.

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Embraces intersectional and transnational feminist approaches to knowledge production, pedagogy, and community engagement, and uses interdisciplinary frameworks to research questions that span the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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