Diversity Strategic Plan

Diversity is a key strategic goal in both the College and Penn State University's Strategic Plan. Diversity is further emphasized in a "Framework to Foster Diversity" plan.

Diversity and inclusion are important aspects of everyday life in the College of Agricultural Sciences. Diversity is defined as the state or quality of being different, and as individuals we are all uniquely different. To be an inclusive campus is to respect and value differences and to encourage and create opportunities to capitalize on those differences. Our aim is to create an environment where differences are considered assets that make us better learners, teachers, scholars, researchers, extension educators, employees, and students. A truly inclusive institution benefits all, both educationally and professionally, at Penn State and beyond. Advancing not only diversity, but also inclusion, requires commitment, leadership, and the participation of the entire college. The diversity strategic plan includes strategies and initiatives that work toward creating a truly inclusive environment. Enhancement of diversity within the College of Agricultural Sciences remains an important goal and a challenge for the college, and is being given increased effort and attention. The Diversity Coordinating Council, including faculty, staff, administration, students, and extension educators, has been revived and reinvigorated with the support of the assistant dean for multicultural affairs. One of the first important functions of the council has been the creation of the Diversity Strategic Plan. The council also worked to increase the number of nominations for the college’s Diversity Achievement Award. We continue working toward our vision of weaving diversity into the fabric of the college.