Online Degree Programs

Graduate degree options for online learners.

Six options to complete your Penn State Ag Sciences graduate degree online. Ideal for learners who need to study outside the traditional classroom environment.

Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Biosecurity and Food Defense

Provides a broad training in the field of agricultural biosecurity with courses that cover animal and plant health and food defense aspects of agricultural biosecurity.

Graduate Certificate in Community and Economic Development

Builds a basic knowledge of concepts and strategies required for practitioners to address the important issues in community and economic development.

Graduate Certificate in Sensory and Consumer Science

Builds expertise in understanding consumer preferences and linking them to product development with courses that prepare graduates to collect, analyze, and describe product and consumer insights, provide clear recommendations, and help companies position products for market success.

Master of Professional Development in Community and Economic Development

Advances knowledge to navigate the complexities of communities and community organizations and inspire positive change on a local, regional, and national level.

Master of Professional Studies in Turfgrass Management

Balances turfgrass courses with hands-on, applicable business courses that integrate theory and practice in addressing real problems encountered in turfgrass facility management.

Master of Professional Studies in Ecosystem Management and Administration

Explores both the quantitative tools and social and leadership skills that are necessary to manage the world’s natural resources.

Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security—Agricultural Biosecurity and Food Defense Option

Provides foundational knowledge about plant, animal, and food security issues, surveillance systems for infectious diseases, diagnostic and sensor technologies, disease-predictive models, protection and mitigation approaches, and microbial forensic capabilities.

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