Research Impacts

Real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Research at the College of Agricultural Sciences is at the very heart of Penn State’s land-grant mission: directing our minds and assets at solving the problems and seizing the opportunities facing the people of our state, our country, and the world.

USDA Reports

As a condition of receiving federal appropriations, the college is required to provide a rolling 5-Year Combined Research and Extension Plan of Work and subsequent Annual Reports of Accomplishments and Results. These reports are provided, on a federal fiscal year, to USDA and are due April 1 of each year.

View current Plans of Work and Annual Accomplishments and Results Reports.

Priority impact areas and corresponding research

Resiliency | Characterizing and mitigating biotic and abiotic stressors to improve resiliency and productivity.

Invasive Species | Detecting and rapidly responding to biological invasions.

Soil and Water | Reducing soil degradation, improving soil fertility, and minimizing inputs.

Intensification | Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity.

Vector-borne Disease | Mitigating the spread of vector-borne pathogens with minimal environmental impact.

Functional Foods | Improving human and animal health through mechanisms of bioactive compounds.

Biotechnology | Using biotechnology to develop sustainable, value-added products.

Infectious Diseases | Protecting against infections and decreasing disease incidence.

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