Science-based minors to expand your options and focus your interests.

The College of Ag Sciences offers 23 minors that will broaden the scope of your Penn State academic experience and give you a closer look at a specific personal or career interest area.

Agribusiness Management

Hands-on business skills with a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of the world of agriculture

Agricultural Systems Management

Covering the mechanical, structural, natural resources, processing, and electronic technologies applied to agricultural systems


A science-based study of the principles and practices of field crop production and the conservation of soils and land resources

Animal Science

A hands-on approach to the hard science and business of breeding, raising, and marketing livestock and companion animals


The science-based study of how trees grow and respond to their environments, as well as techniques used to cultivate and manage them

Biological Engineering

The Biological Engineering minor brings engineering principles to bear on agriculture and the management of natural resources.


The study of insects and arthropods and their positive and negative effects on agriculture, biodiversity, disease, and the environment

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Food and Bio-Innovation Minor

Helping students develop as entrepreneurs and innovators in the agriculture and life sciences space

Environmental and Renewable Resource Economics

Providing tools for the analysis of social decision-making and policy, and a natural complement to science-based environmental majors and social science majors

Environmental Resource Management

A multidisciplinary study of environmental sciences and resource management that includes classroom, laboratory, and field learning

Environmental Soil Science

The study of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, as well as its management, use, and restoration

Equine Science

The study of the business and science of horses, including nutrition, physiology, reproduction, genetics, growth, behavior, and management

Food Systems

Interdisciplinary minor exploring the economics, logistics, agricultural practices, science, cultural factors, and policy that influence how and what we eat

Forest Ecosystems

Introducing students to forested ecosystems, with the opportunity to study subjects such as climate change, invasive species, fire ecology, community forestry, and more.


Providing students with both an overview and an in-depth, science-based understanding of the principles and practices of growing specialty plants

International Agriculture (INTAG)

INTAG students study the science, business, and culture of global agriculture both in the classroom and on location around the world. Graduates thrive in business, law, government, and in the academic world

Leadership Development

A cross-disciplinary approach to the study of specific leadership theories, concepts, models, and current issues in applied settings

Mushroom Science and Technology

Interdisciplinary minor that helps prepare students for a career in the mushroom industry, with practical experience at the University's Mushroom Research Center

Off-Road Equipment

Hands-on, interdisciplinary minor covering off-road equipment topics like electronics, power generation, transmission, traction, ergonomics, and safety

One Health

A multidisciplinary approach integrating human medicine, veterinary medicine, and environmental science to optimize the health of people, animals, plants, and ecosystems. Students think dynamically and globally about how health is affected, diseases are transmitted, and environment plays a role in disease.

Plant Pathology

Research-focused learning about the causes of plant diseases and organic and inorganic control measures

Poultry and Avian Science

Focusing on the biology, management, and diseases of various avian species with an emphasis on domestic fowl

Wildlife and Fisheries Science

Providing basic competency in the principles and practices of wildlife and fisheries conservation, research, and management

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