Service Laboratories

The science behind the ag.

World-class facilities like the Ag Analytical Services Lab, Animal Diagnostic Lab, Turfgrass Disease Clinic, Food Science Sensory Evaluation Center, and more are at the heart of fulfilling our land-grant mission of bringing practical, science-based education and services to people.

Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory

The Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory provides a wide range of testing programs for soils, water, plants, biosolids and other agricultural materials.

Animal Diagnostics Laboratory

The Animal Diagnostics Laboratory provides in depth, rapid diagnostic information to support disease control, health management, and performance of livestock, poultry, wildlife, fish, and companion animals and by ensuring the safety of foods of animal origin.

E. coli Reference Center

The E. coli Reference Center is the largest repository for E. coli strains in America. It holds more than 70,000 strains collected over the last 50 years from animals, humans, birds and environment.

Honey and Pollen Diagnostic Lab

The Honey and Pollen Diagnostic Lab provides researchers and beekeepers services to identify floral resources and evaluate characteristics of honey and pollen

Meat Laboratory

The 16,000 square foot Meat Lab is equipped for conducting livestock slaughter and meat cutting and processing in support of meats teaching, research and extension.

Mushroom Spawn Lab

The Mushroom Spawn Laboratory contains a culture collection of the cultivated mushroom, Agaricus bisporus.

Plant Disease Clinic

The Plant Disease Clinic provides clinical diagnoses of plant diseases for approximately 2,000 samples submitted annually by Pennsylvania agricultural producers, urban gardeners, and homeowners.

Pilot Plants

The state-of-the-art Food Science Pilot Plants are designed for processing flexibility with an emphasis on product specialization. The facilities are used for teaching, research and industry projects.

Sensory Evaluation Center

The Sensory Evaluation Center in the Penn State Department of Food Science has been conducting sensory evaluation and consumer tests for University researchers and food industries since 1972.

Turfgrass Disease Clinic

The Turfgrass Disease clinic provides assistance to the turfgrass industry in Pennsylvania in maintaining high quality turf through integrated turfgrass health management practices.