The Latinx Agricultural Network (LAN) is a Penn State College of Agriculture Community of Practice comprised of community members, graduate students, extension educators, faculty, and administrators who seek to enhance Penn State’s engagement with its Latinx stakeholders. Priority initiatives are guided by input from Latinx community leaders. The LAN mission is to implement avenues of access and support and promote active participation and inclusion of the Latinx community in Extension programming and research and teaching activity.

University and Commonwealth representatives interested in joining LAN are invited to send an email to:  LATINXAGRICULTURALNETWORK-L-SUBSCRIBE-REQUEST@LISTS.PSU.EDU.

About the LAN Community of Practice

Engaging Latinx Communities

Understanding Latinx Farmers in Pennsylvania to Meet Their Needs for Non-Formal Education

May 16, 2023

Latinx/Hispanic farmers are an underrepresented group with the largest number of farm operators in the US. However, agricultural educators have encountered challenges in identifying Latinx farmers in Pennsylvania and consequently, in meeting their needs. This study contributed to improved agricultural programming by offering an exploratory overview of the experiences of Latinx farmers and Extension educators in the Commonwealth. Qualitative research interviews were conducted with Latinxs at different stages of their farming journey, and with educators with experience in agriculture programming and outreach to Latinxs. Both groups discussed challenges they believe Latinx farmers face due to their ethnicity and provided recommendations to better serve the Latinx farming population. Based on the findings, agricultural educators could support Latinx farmers by developing statewide programming, including programming in Spanish, having employers allocate a percentage of educators’ responsibilities to connecting with this audience, creating a Latinx farmers’ network, partnering with organizations connected with Latinx farmers, participating in cultural competency training, and promoting stories of success.

Recording of LAN Meeting Presentation on Latinx Farmer Needs for Non-formal Education

June 23, 2023

Creating a Sense of Belonging for Hispanic Farmers and Farmworkers in Agricultural Programming

October 29, 2021

Hispanic farmers and farmworkers face access barriers to agricultural programming that need to be addressed to more effectively “reach and teach.” Over a 1-year period, 22 to 25 agricultural educators attended a three-workshop training series focused on increasing knowledge and skills for planning, designing, advertising, and delivering agricultural programs inviting to Hispanic farmers and farmworkers. The workshop series included an expert on the science of inclusion, a specialist in Latino community studies, and several representatives from organizations with long histories of connecting with Hispanic farming audiences. Through guided activities and facilitated discussion, participants developed strategies for creating programming welcoming to the Hispanic farming community.

Latinos in Leadership

October 15, 2021

Despite accounting for 18% of the total US population, Latinos hold just 5.3% of executive positions (Swerzenski et al., 2020). This article will outline the potential reasons for this underrepresentation as well as discuss ways that organizations can address this issue through the creation of a more inclusive and welcoming environment for Latinos to take on leadership roles.

Agricultural Resources in Spanish

Beekeeping Basics Webinar Series (In Spanish Language)

February 8, 2024

Beekeeping can be a rewarding endeavor, providing additional income to households and positively impacting crop production through essential pollination services. In this engaging Spanish-language webinar series, expert Penn State instructors guide participants through the fundamental aspects of beekeeping, including the intricacies of honey bee behavior, the necessary equipment for successful beekeeping, valuable hive products and managing potential threats. The series also delves into the year-round care required to keep bees healthy and productive. Whether aspiring beekeepers or honey bee enthusiasts, the webinars empower learners with the knowledge and skills needed for successful beekeeping in a Spanish-speaking context.

Penn State Extension – Su Fuente de Información sobre la Agricultura

August 30, 2021

Si Usted está buscando información sobre agricultura, Penn State Extension es el puente entre la ciencia que se investiga en Pennsylvania State University y Usted como parte de la comunidad agrícola. Por lo tanto, Penn State Extension proporciona información imparcial en la que se puede confiar. Usted encontrará información sobre diferentes temas agrícolas, incluyendo de hortalizas, frutas de árboles, bayas, uvas, lácteos, seguridad alimentaria de granjas, nutrición y salud y más en el sitio web de Penn State Extension. Usted puede encontrar la información de contacto de todos los educadores en el Penn State Extension directorio.

Penn State Extension – Your Source for Agriculture Information

August 30, 2021

When you are looking for agriculture information, Penn State Extension is the bridge between the science conducted at the Pennsylvania State University and you, as part of the agriculture community. Two ways to connect to Penn State Extension are through the internet at our website and through our network of Extension Educators. At the Penn State Extension website, you will find information on different agriculture topics including vegetables, tree fruit, berries, grapes, dairy, farm food safety, health and nutrition, and more. Contact information for all of us is on the Penn State Extension website directory.

Links to Resources by Topic (Enlaces a Recursos por Tema)

November 4, 2021

Student Involvement

Extension Programs

Penn State Extension celebrates milestone in engaging Spanish-speaking growers

February 14, 2024

Latino agricultural professionals recognize the need to stay informed about new practices and technology advancements through continuing education. However, opportunities to learn in their native language of Spanish often are limited.

Penn State Extension delivers bilingual produce safety educational programs

October 29, 2021

With funding from USDA NIFA award number 2017-70020-27236, Penn State Extension educators from the Food Safety and Horticulture teams developed bilingual Produce Safety educational materials and delivered trainings to Latino Fresh Produce Growers and Farmworkers in Pennsylvania.

Vaccine Hesitancy Among Latinx: Developing Trust for Effective Community Engagement

April 14, 2023

Extension Collaborative on Immunization Teaching & Engagement (EXCITE) is an initiative funded through an Interagency Agreement with the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to address health disparities by reducing vaccination hesitancy. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Latinx community was over-represented in coronavirus cases and more likely to suffer severe health outcomes and harder economic impact. Despite Extension’s long history as a trusted source of information, effective messaging requires more than providing materials in Spanish to reach Latinx communities. Science-based, unbiased education credentials do not guarantee trust and acceptance from hard-to-reach audiences. Recognizing this, Penn State Extension developed strategic partnerships within the community to conduct education to reduce vaccine hesitancy among Latinx. A bilingual post-project survey indicated the target audience was reached, with 71% reporting the campaign increased their trust in the vaccine, 93% feeling the vaccine is safe (somewhat to very), and 93% feeling it is important for others to get vaccinated for health.

Penn State Extension Marks Milestone in Outreach to Spanish-speaking Growers

November 3, 2021

Jorge Manzo of McCleaf’s Orchard in Adams County inspects buds on a kiwi vine. He is one of many Spanish-speaking growers who take part in bilingual agricultural education provided by Penn State Extension.

4-H Partners with Migrant Education for Diversity Program

January 11, 2022

Penn State Extension's 4-H program in Lehigh County recently partnered with the Pennsylvania Migrant Education Program to deliver lessons about diversity to school-age children.

Research and Teaching Contributions

Penn State students engage with local Latino farmworker community

April 27, 2022

An innovative community service-learning course, "Community Engaged Learning with Pennsylvania Farmworkers," offered by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, brings students of all disciplines together to teach and engage with immigrant farmworkers living in Centre County. Kathleen Sexsmith, assistant professor of rural sociology, and Adrian Barragan, assistant clinical professor of veterinary and biomedical sciences, are co-teaching the course. The three-credit course exposes students to immigration and local agricultural and labor issues through a language partnership with Spanish-speaking immigrants on local dairy farms.

Recording of LAN Meeting Presentation on Student Engagement with Latino Farmworker Community

February 24, 2024

Finding solutions for more fair and just working conditions for farmworkers

October 29, 2021

Much of Dr. Kathleen Sexsmith’s research analyzes employment relations and working conditions facing Latino/a immigrant farmworkers in the U.S. She has found that when farmworkers are deeply involved in the design, implementation, and analysis of a project, the quality of the research is dramatically improved – in other words, the participatory action approach to research.

Spanish for Agriculture courses build bridges and meet industry need

October 29, 2021

Students in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences can fulfill their language requirements with a series of introductory and intermediate-level Spanish for Agriculture language and culture courses designed to benefit both students and industry. Tailoring the courses to agriculture is more than just vocabulary words. García Prudencio, who is trained as a forester and agroecologist, teaches with the goal of giving students the ability to convey clear and simple ideas and commands at the farm or job site.

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