Information and publications to help our understanding of diversity awareness and foster open and positive communication channels.

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PowerPoint presentations on diversity topics

Diversity-related Research

The following are examples of diversity-related faculty research in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.

Other Diversity Resources

Many of the materials in this section can be used to meet the 8 hour diversity requirement for extension educators.

Adressing Bias: Rights, Responsiblities and Responses

Current students identified critical issues around rights and responsibilities related to bias and free expression. This site will help you learn about these issues, access resources, and test your knowledge of common situations. Our goal is for Penn State students, faculty, and staff to use their voices thoughtfully and responsibly to demonstrate respect and model excellence.

RACELIGHTING in the Normal Realities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color A SCHOLARLY BRIEF


Authors: WOOD & HARRIS III... An understanding of contemporary challenges facing Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color involves an understanding of systemic oppression as well as how racism manifests at the interpersonal level. In this brief, we offer racelighting as a framework for understanding the process by which interpersonal racism leads to BIPOC to question their own realities and sanity.

3 Ways to Teach the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

There’s a lot to learn (and teach) about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life to our students. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known for his steps toward equality, speaking ability, non-violence philosophy, passion for education, and of course, his dreams. This MLK, Jr. Day, we have the opportunity to inform the next generation of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ideals and morals in new and refreshing ways. Mobile Ed has a few activities and tips to freshen up your MLK Jr. lessons this year. See three different ways educators can teach MLK, Jr.’s legacy inside the classroom.