Ag Science Magazine

Winter 2020

College Briefs

Collaboration Zone

A new building to house Animal Science and Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences.

Bay Watch

Researchers find a way to cut costs without cutting corners to reduce pollution in the Chesapeake bay.

Hop Farms Are Hoppin'

Craft beer boom linked to record number of U.S. states growing hops.

Seaweed Feed

A seaweed additive cuts livestock methane but poses questions.

Daddy Daycare

Researchers reveal why some songbirds care for the wrong kids.

Sweet Pretender

Adding vanilla to sweetened milk makes consumers think the beverage is sweeter, allowing the amount of added sugar to be reduced, according to researchers in the college who will use the concept to develop a lower-sugar chocolate milk for the National School Lunch Program.

Mosquitoes, Beetles, and Leaky Guts

Last Chance for Ash

Research shows some ash trees are resistant to invasive beetles.

Harboring the Enemy

Foodborne pathogens can be sheltered by harmless bacteria in food processing plants.

Uncovering Roots

Technology enables visualization of crop roots.

Food Waste Nation

Researchers identify which Americans are wasting the most food.

Bovine TB Test

A new bovine tuberculosis test may improve vaccination programs throughout the world.

Planting Green to prep for a Wet Spring

Allowing cover crops to grow two weeks longer in the spring and planting corn and soybean crops into them before termination is a strategy that may help no-till farmers deal with wet springs, according to researchers in the college.