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The College of Agricultural Sciences is a world leader in cross-disciplinary research, amplified by partnerships across Penn State and the international science community. Our reach is global but rooted in Pennsylvania—an agricultural state with uniquely diverse production and ready access to the nation's largest markets. We are a college built on a commitment to support transformational research with robust collaborative networks and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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Research Areas

Our food. Our communities. Our environment. Our health. These categories frame our work of making life better for the people of Pennsylvania and the world. Every cross-disciplinary collaboration, every dollar spent, and every hour in the field and laboratory starts here.

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Research Impacts

Discovery is only the beginning of our work. We extend our research beyond the University and apply it to solve real problems. Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences researchers shorten the distance between discovery and impact to make life better for everyone.

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Agricultural Experiment Station

The Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) is the nucleus of the college's research enterprise. Supported by the Hatch Act, the AES is the college's custodian of state and federally funded research, invigorating the college with discretionary agility to meet threats and opportunities facing the Commonwealth.

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Centers and Facilities

We tackle society's urgent questions, and our investments in infrastructure and institutional organization reflect that urgency. Our facilities, centers, and institutes are state of the art and tailored for mission success. We are constantly upgrading and expanding to meet emerging challenges.

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Research Commercialization

Researchers in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences receive robust support from partners within the University and in government, business, and other sectors to bring ideas to commercial reality. We work closely with industry to ensure our research aligns with real-world needs.

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Collaborative Research

We are purpose-built for the collaborative, interdisciplinary approach needed to address complex, real-world challenges. Penn State Ag Sciences researchers leverage resources and expertise across the University and the international science community to best meet this mission.

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Resources for Faculty and Staff

The College of Agricultural Sciences is committed to unrivaled excellence in support of transformational research. We ensure our researchers enjoy robust collaborative networks, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and efficient infrastructure.

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265 faculty with research appointments

528 enrolled graduate students

$115M average annual research expenditures