RAIN is a source of competitive funds for researchers within the College of Agricultural Sciences who are prepared to take the next steps in transitioning technologies generated through their research to commercialization.

Research Applications for INnovation (RAIN) grants help investigators to explore the feasibility of commercializing their research. For example, RAIN funds may be used to assist in overcoming hurdles faced in the process, to validate commercial application of a technology, or to strengthen the intellectual property position with further testing and data collection. These funds are intended to establish proof of concept or demonstration of a technology. The RAIN program does not support basic research or research and development for industry licensees that are already lined up.

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Request for Proposals

Please review the 2022-23 RAIN RFP for additional details and instructions for applying.

For questions regarding commercialization of research, contact Maria Spencer, Assistant Clinical Professor and John and Patty Warehime Entrepreneur in Residence (mtk15@psu.edu) or Scott Welsh, Commercialization Advisor (swwelsh@fieldstoneinnovations.com).

Download the RAIN RFP

Proposal Concept Note

(200 words maximum)
A Proposal Concept Note summarizing the project is strongly recommended but not required. The concept notes will be reviewed by the E&I Program Committee to provide feedback on project suitability and approach prior to submitting the full proposal. The components of the Proposal Narrative (see “Full Proposal Outline" in the RFP) can serve as a guideline when preparing the Proposal Concept Note.

If you plan to submit a full proposal, please use InfoReady to register your intent by Tuesday, February 15, 2022.


Full Proposals

Full proposals must be submitted as a unified PDF by 5:00pm on April 1, 2022, to the Office for Research and Graduate Education through InfoReady. The full proposal portal will become active on February 21, 2022.