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The Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station

The director of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station/associate dean for research and graduate education is identified as the lead project director for capacity grant proposals. AES operations are overseen by the director and select personnel in the college's Office for Research and Graduate Education. Therefore, this office is ultimately responsible for the planning, reporting, and administration of the activities supported by the federal appropriations. AES personnel work closely with the college's Finance and Business Operations office to manage the federal capacity grant portfolio as responsible stewards of these federal allocations.

Blair D. Siegfried
Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station Director
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education

Jennifer McLaughlin
Coordinator for Financial and Administrative Operations

217 Agricultural Administration Building

  • Manages planning and reporting of Animal Health, Hatch, multistate, and state appropriated funds and special grant AES projects
  • Coordinates the compilation of the federal plan of work and annual reports of accomplishments and results

Kaiyi Chan
Administrative Support Assistant

217 Agricultural Administration Building

  • Coordinates project assignments and reporting of AES projects for various departments.


With over 250 research faculty in the college, the management of AES projects requires a cooperative effort. An AES coordinator has been assigned within each department. This individual serves as a localized “resident expert" and is the first point of contact within a unit for AES matters. As needed, the AES coordinator in the unit serves as the liaison between faculty members and the AES.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Amy Maney
Administrative Support Coordinator

105B Agricultural Engineering Building

Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education

Amanda L. Basalla-Hepfer

Amanda Basalla-Hepfer
Administrative Support Coordinator

103 Armsby Building

Animal Science

Amy Pyle
Administrative Support Assistant

304 Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building

Ecosystem Science and Management

Mary Jo Schillings
Assistant to the Department Head

122 Forest Resources Building


Susan Bass

Susan Bass
Administrative Support Assistant

501 Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building

Food Science

Karen Mullen
Administrative Assistant

207 Rodney A. Erickson Food Science Building

Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology

Amy Corbett
Administrative Assistant to the Department Head

212 Buckhout Lab

Plant Science

Marileona (Mari) Royer
Assistant to the Department Head

118 Tyson Building

Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Jessie Crosby
Administrative Support Assistant

111 Research Unit A Building

Office of Grants and Contracts

Proposals and awards for extramural funding are handled by the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) through the Office of Sponsored Programs. Extramural funding that requires a USDA NIFA project (e.g., USDA NIFA AFRI, USDA NNF) is assigned a project number through the OGC. Establishment and reporting of a project as a result of extramural funding is managed independently of the AES and is handled directly between USDA NIFA and the project director. Questions regarding the necessity of a USDA NIFA project for a competitive award can be directed to the OGC .