Crouch Endowment for Viticulture, Enology, and Pomology Research

The purpose of these funds are to support research in Viticulture, Enology, or Pomology and to support students studying in these areas.

Proposals that focus on research projects that impact the Pennsylvania wine industry will have the highest priority. Full-time graduate student support is highly encouraged, but funds can also be used to support undergraduate students, expendable supplies, or small equipment.


A total of $60,000 for two fiscal years (2018/2019 and 2019/2020).


  • Proposals are restricted to 5 pages of text, figures, and tables.
  • Proposals should include a project description, role of individual personnel in the project, relevance of the proposed research to the PA wine industry, and if applicable, the ability to leverage industry funds or in-kind support.

  • Annual budgets should be developed for a two year period. Second year funding is dependent on demonstrating satisfactory progress toward the goals proposed for the first year of funding.
    • Objectives should be clearly tied to procedures and anticipated results.
    • Clear metrics of first year accomplishments must be identified so that progress can be evaluated for second year funding.
    • A progress report relative to initial metrics for evaluation and any proposed changes in the project must be submitted by May 31, 2019 with a request for continued funding in the second year.
  • A budget through the College's Grants and Contracts Office is required.
    • Work with the appropriate grants and contracts officer to ensure you have accounted for all necessary budget items.
    • Fringe benefits must be built into budgets where assistantships, salaries or wages are supported.
    • Faculty supplemental salary cannot be requested on these proposals.
  • Submit a unified pdf to the Office of Research and Graduate Education via email ( by 5:00PM on Friday, February 2, 2018.

Selection Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education with consultation from appropriate department heads or faculty members as needed. This group will establish scientific merit of proposals and the final selection will be based upon these reviews.

Recent Recipients

  • Michela Centinari (2014/2015 through 2017/2018)
  • Ryan Elias (2012/2013 through 2013/2014)