Office of Grants and Contracts

119 Ag Administration Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-5419

Contact Your Representative

If you have a question regarding a proposal or funding opportunity, contact your department representative in the Grants and Contracts office as listed below. A printable version is also available.

Pre-Award Post-Award
Admin. Dean/Special Operations/Farm Show Christina Wagner Victoria Barnhart
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Shannon Zarkovich Angie Auman
Agricultural Econ., Sociology and Education Jolene Smeltzer L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Animal Science Kellen Takoch L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Haessly Nachman Victoria Barnhart
Dean's Office in Agriculture Jenna Neff Victoria Barnhart
Ecosystem Science and Management Haessly Nachman Victoria Barnhart
Entomology Jolene Smeltzer L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension 4-H Youth Development Jennifer Sanson L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension Agronomy and Natural Resources Shannon Zarkovich L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension Animal Systems Shannon Zarkovich L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension Director's Office Shannon Zarkovich L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension Energy, Entrepreneurship and CD Jennifer Sanson L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension Food, Family and Health Jennifer Sanson L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension Food, Safety and Quality Jennifer Sanson L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Extension Horticulture Shannon Zarkovich L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Food Science Kellen Takoch Angie Auman
Fruit Research and Extension Center Jolene Smeltzer Victoria Barnhart
Information and Communications Technologies Jolene Smeltzer Angie Auman
International Agriculture Programs Jennifer Sanson Victoria Barnhart
Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science (SAFES) PI Home Unit PI Home Unit
Lake Erie Grape Regional Center Jolene Smeltzer Victoria Barnhart
Pesticide Education Programs Jolene Smeltzer L-AG-CONTGRTS@LISTS.PSU.EDU
Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology Haessly Nachman Victoria Barnhart
Plant Science Jennifer Sanson Frank Jost
Research and Graduate Education Jenna Neff Angie Auman
Southeast Agriculture and Extension Center Jolene Smeltzer Victoria Barnhart
Undergraduate Education Jenna Neff Victoria Barnhart
Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Shannon Zarkovich Angie Auman

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