Student Travelogues

Suturing a spay incision closed during the free spay/neuter clinic
June 1, 2017

Immersing myself in the learning environment of Belize allowed me to experience a new culture while learning about my own interests in veterinary medicine.

Peter planning some Calliandra and Leucaena for the cows
May 31, 2017

Traveling abroad and doing human development work is challenging and rewarding; listen to your inner self, listen to others, be open, be accepting, be understanding, but most of all, be able to comprehend that your actions are done with good intent and a pure heart.

One of my favorite places on Earth! The Cliffs of Moher
May 31, 2017

This experience was the perfect combination of challenge and fun and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a study abroad experience.

My cactus addiction was satisfied in Mexico!
May 31, 2017

I have always been the kind of person to jump at an opportunity, no matter how last minute or random, but out of all of my spur of the moment decisions, I think that going on this trip was the best I have ever made.

Standing on the 9th tee of Trump Turnberry in front of the historic lighthouse
May 31, 2017

There are no words to describe what I gained in my trip to Ireland and Scotland that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.

Me enjoying the beautiful scenery while traveling the Ring of Kerry
June 20, 2016

Ireland felt like such a magical place, yet when I looked around I felt right at home as if in Pennsylvania. If ever you have the chance to travel abroad, do it. As a student, you will grow exponentially on an adventure like this. Networking around the world and getting to know your Penn State faculty leaders outside of the classroom is a wonderful opportunity that not everyone gets.

At the base of the statue of Pipila overlooking the city of Guanajuato
June 6, 2016

I have witnessed and faced many agricultural aspects of Mexico and have gained a greater appreciation for this country that is so important to our economy in the U.S.

Caddying the Old Course at St Andrews
June 6, 2016

Stepping foot on the Old Course at St Andrews was an awe inspiring moment. This was not only the birthplace of golf but also of my future career.

Me getting up close to a Prickly Pear plant!
June 6, 2016

In just one week many closed-minded thoughts and misconceptions I had about Mexico were changed as I explored unfamiliar parts of the world and learn new lessons about the history, culture, and agriculture of Guanajuato, Mexico. I encourage all people to step out of their comfort zone and travel the world when given the opportunity to do so. It may be uncomfortable at times, but the sights and other first hand-experiences will leave a mark on your heart forever and fill your life with great stories to share.

The crater of the Poás Volcano in central Costa Rica, approximately 9,000 feet above sea level.
June 6, 2016

After traveling to Costa Rica and seeing how others live, I realized changes I can make in my own life to have a better impact in this world.

Taken from the edge of the Cliffs of Moher. (This isn’t as dangerous as it looks)
June 6, 2016

When I heard that there was a class that would allow me to travel and experience a different culture while simultaneously expanding my knowledge of agriculture, I knew that the opportunity was too good to pass up.

The sun begins to set as the greenhouse structure is completed in Zimba
May 31, 2016

One of the most rewarding things you can do is to step out and away from your personal world and travel to a place where you will taste new foods, see new sights, interact with new people, and explore new sides of yourself.

Enjoying the New Zealand countryside
May 25, 2016

Sure, I could have gone to New Zealand on my own, but choosing to go with Penn State as a study abroad course proved to be such a beneficial experience.

At the face of the Franz Josef Glacier
May 25, 2016

My experience in New Zealand is the first step in showing my aspiration to make a positive impact on the environment around the world.

Crawling through an Ice Cave on Franz Josef Glacier
May 25, 2016

I had the time of my life in the most amazing country with thirteen of my new best friends, learning about the subject that matters most to me.

This is a picture from Lijjat Papad. Papad has to be sundried on tarps before the women sort them into stacks for packaging.
May 25, 2016

The experience and knowledge offered through Food Science 499B, Agriculture and Food Systems of India, will certainly be a highlight of my college career and be an essential point in my career development.

Visiting Gerovasileiou Winery
May 25, 2016

I always thought study abroad was out of my league because I knew I did not want to fall behind in classes. Now that I completed this trip, it was probably one of the best decisions that I ever made.