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An Environment Full of Diversity and Beauty by Jared Adam, Agroecology Major, Entomology and International Agriculture Minors

"When people think of Africa, I feel as though many negatives come to mind; such as political unrest, war, poverty, unfavorable or unlivable conditions, and the list goes on. I would like to say that these stereotypes do not hold true for Kenya and many other African countries."

Exploring Kenya with the CYEC by Hannah Ranalli, Community, Environment and Development Major, International Agriculture and GIS Minor

"I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya in May of 2018 for a bit less than 3 weeks; here are a few highlights from my trip. Arriving in Nairobi after what seemed like days of traveling was both shocking and exciting."

A Trip to the Highlands of Kenya

By Hinal Modasia (Agribusiness Management major, International Agriculture and Sociology minor) “Behind every smile there is a story.”

Kenya: Educating and Learning About Agricultural Methods and Techniques in Nyeri, Kenya, by Carly Glassmoyer, Agricultural Science major, INTAG minor

Traveling abroad and doing human development work is challenging and rewarding; listen to your inner self, listen to others, be open, be accepting, be understanding, but most of all, be able to comprehend that your actions are done with good intent and a pure heart.

CYEC in Nyeri, Kenya by Nora Frumento, CED & GLOBE double major with minor in Spanish and Arabic

I keep going back because I want to a positive and driving force in the lives of the youth, just as they have been in mine.

Third Time in Kenya: Nora Frumento, Community, Environment and Development

This course has continued to challenge me, change me, and provide me with invaluable opportunities and learning experiences year after year.

Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE): Bringing Small-Scale Farmers from Subsistence to Sustainability in Kenya - Arianna De Reus, Community, Environment and Development major

From the HESE program I gained international experience and worked on an appropriate technology venture to address global problems, which helped me grow as a global professional.

CED499A- Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development: Andrew Bonneau, Psychology Major, International Agriculture Minor

While only three weeks passed in Kenya, for me and most of my classmates it seemed like months...

Traveled to the CYEC in Nyeri, Kenya with CED 499A: Nora Frumento, CED Major, Arabic & Spanish Minors

I will always remember the times I spent with the children, laughing and loving every minute of it...

My Journey Through East Africa The School for Field Studies Kenya and Tanzania Wildlife Management Program - Ashley Fehringer, Animal Sciences

I will never forget the first time I saw an African Lion in the Ngorongoro Crater, just a few feet from my jeep looking powerful, majestic and beautiful. And the cubs were adorable!

The Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) Affordable Greenhouse Venture: Improving Food Security in Kenya and Rwanda - Arianna De Reus, Community Environment Development (CED)

I was raised to value service to others above all things and the HESE program has enabled me to work on real-life, social entrepreneurial ventures with great social impact.

Penn State in Kenya - Caroline Gimmillaro

It was amazing to realize how similar these youth were to us even though we’ve grown up worlds away. I learned a lot about what it’s like to grow up in a developing country and that my hopes and aspirations are not that dissimilar from theirs.

An African Adventure: Kenya Style - Sarah Peterson

It was so entertaining and interesting comparing our lives, and finding the similarities and differences between us... In addition, I feel that I have gained a whole new perspective on my life...

Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development in Kenya - Kristelle Esterhuizen

From May 17th until June 7th I was blessed to be able to spend time in Kenya.

Kenya - Children and Youth Empowerment Centre - Danielle Robertson

Last spring I spent the semester researching different crop varieties that would grow well in Kenya but I never imagined what my experience in Kenya would actually be like.

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