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My Experience in the Jungle by Brandy Savani, Environmental Resource Management major

“The people that plant a tree knowing they will never enjoy the shade understand the meaning of life.”

Costa Rica Beyond the Rice and Beans; Exploring Agricultural Sustainability and Natural Resources by Jillian Barskey, Environmental Resource Management major

“A society grows great when men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” -EARTH University Student

Adventures in Costa Rica by Julianne Martinez, Biological Engineering major

It was an educational experience unlike anything I have ever been challenged with.

Costa Rica: A Fresh Look on Agriculture by Blair Miller, Agricultural Sciences major

My perspective of agriculture has not changed, but merely improved.

Costa Rica: A first-hand perspective on Sustainable Development

By Rosemary Nicholson (BioRenewable Systems—BioProducts option major) "Is sustainable development possible? How to bring sustainability home?"

Life Learning, Life Loving in Costa Rica: International Internship in Organic Agriculture at EARTH University

By Haley Stauffer Major in BioRenewable Systems, Minors in International Agriculture and Spanish. "There are few things I cannot resist in my life and the country and people of Costa Rica is at the top of the list."

Costa Rica: An Eye-opening Endeavor, by Gretchen Seigworth, Agribusiness Management major, INTAG and Civic and Community Engagement minors

I saw how physically and spiritually beautiful this little village was, and it enriched me in ways I can never explain.

Learning about Local Rural Development in Pacayitas, Costa Rica by Kelsey Cantor, Nutritional Sciences Major, INTAG Minor

I felt welcomed into people’s lives and homes and learned the value of kindness, hospitality, and community engagement.

Living the Simple Life in Costa Rica by Francesca Ramacciotti, Environmental Resource Management Major

After traveling to Costa Rica and seeing how others live, I realized changes I can make in my own life to have a better impact in this world.

My Costa Rican Adventures by Sara Cook, Animal Sciences major, International Agriculture and Equine Science minors

I’ve left my heart in so many places.

Sustainability through Community by Katie Speicher, Environmental Resource Management major, Soil Science and International Agriculture minors

My worldview has also evolved a lot due to my time abroad, and I hope it continues to grow and evolve as I continue to experience new things.

Environmental Resource Management in Costa Rica: Rebecca Shaw, Agribusiness Management

Once we arrived in Costa Rica, our first stop was at EARTH University in Limon.

Costa Rica – Third Time's the Charm: Allison Hoover, Agricultural and Extension Education

While my third experience in Costa Rica didn’t offer nearly the same community as my previous trips, I was able to overcome adversity and challenges to develop personal skills and an overall beneficial experience.

Sustainable Agriculture in Costa Rica - Lingyan Dong: ERM Major, Environmental Option

Costa Rica – The country surrounded by Green.

My Adventure in Costa Rica - Emily Bachner, ERM major, Horticulture minor

In the eight days I was in Costa Rica I learned more about sustainability and the environment than I could have in a full semester class.

My Trip to the Rich Coast: Derek Bartram, Major Environmental Resource Management, Minor Watersheds and Water Resources

It was the ideal image of a rainforest with a thick overcast in the sky and dense vapor coming from the trees as they transpired...

Spring Break in beautiful Costa Rica: Victoria Berger – ERM Major, Environmental Soil Science and Watersheds and Water Resources Minors

Costa Rica was the greenest, most beautiful place I have ever seen. Nine days in this picturesque country was just not long enough.

Pura Vida! - ERM 499A - Costa Rica Study Tour: Andrew Clark, ERM Major

Living the Pure Life!

Backpack Adventures through Costa Rica – IAAS Spring Break service trip: Amanda Smith, Vet and Biomedical Sciences, INTAG Minor

Overall this journey to Costa Rica was amazing and I don’t want to change a single thing about it. We saw so many incredible things, met so many people and really learned what it means to be a good traveler.

A Trip to be Remembered for a Lifetime - Costa Rica: Samantha Robison, Ag Science Major, Agronomy and Environmental Inquiry Minors
Costa Rica: A Bountiful Nation - BriAnna Myers, Horticulture

To sum up Costa Rica in one sentence I would have to say that the people are welcoming, the landscapes are breathtaking, and the culture, food, and activities are perfect! Make the trip!

More than Just a Spanish Class - Costa Rica Spanish Field Studies: Alyssa Sheppard, Animal Sciences

...the tropical air immediately began to seep into every pore and with it, the “pura vida” way of life...

The Rich Coast (Costa Rica) - Andrew Puglia

After a year of planning, preparing, and navigating through the study abroad process, I left for Costa Rica for three and half months to study with the School for Field Studies (SFS).

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