Learn the easy how-to’s and why’s about education abroad.

Gaining global experience while you're earning your degree can be an incredible life-changing opportunity.

Explore how to plan for your experience, whether you're interested in going global for an entire semester or as part of an embedded course.

Study Abroad Resources for Agricultural Sciences

Study Abroad for a Semester

  1. Meet with for program ideas and funding resources.
  2. Meet with Peer Advisors for Study Abroad in 422 Boucke Building, M-F, 11am-4pm.
  3. Do some on-line exploring at Global Penn State. Click on Program Search to find available semester programs.
  4. Find two to three possible programs you are interested in.
  5. Meet with your academic advisor to determine how your classes will fit.
  6. Meet with the University Education Abroad Advisor about the programs you are interested in if needed, and apply on-line.

Study Abroad with an Embedded Course

  1. Ag Sci faculty-led courses called embedded courses because the travel portion of the course is "embedded" in the residential portion of the course.
  2. Meet at Penn State for a semester, and then travel short term, generally for one to four weeks, as part of the course.
  3. Usually around 3 credits, travel over spring break, fall break, winter break, or beginning of summer semester.
  4. How to learn about Embedded Courses?
  • AgSciStudentNews
  • Current Embedded Courses page
  • University Education Abroad Fair in early October each year - the college and many of the course faculty leaders will have exhibit tables here with course details and application information.

Parents and Family: Please see the Parent/Family Guide.

Wondering how to follow sustainable practices when studying abroad? Explore SASA: Sustainable and Accessible Study Abroad.

Ten Reasons to Go Global

  1. Get to know another culture first-hand; broaden your worldview.
  2. Develop skills and gain experiences a classroom setting cannot provide.
  3. Make friends around the world; gain new insights and outlooks through new relationships.
  4. Learn about yourself, experience personal growth, and develop leadership skills.
  5. Break out of your academic routine.
  6. Gain a new perspective on your own country.
  7. Learn a language in a country where it is spoken.
  8. Fight stereotypes by educating others & dispel your own stereotypes. This promotes international security & creates global awareness.
  9. Travel more affordably and expansively than you would be able to as a tourist.
  10. Improve your professional and financial potential: study abroad can enhance your employment opportunities and the value of your degree.

I have studied abroad, now what?

Welcome back! Check here for resources for students returning from study abroad programs.

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