Sustainable and Accessible Study Abroad

Greening Your Education Abroad Experience

How can you make a difference in the world?


During your international experience, think globally and act locally; take small steps no matter where you go. So Go Global while you go green! Then use your new experiences to create a more sustainable world!

Research Your Destination

Learn about the ecological and political situation in the country you are traveling to. Find out what local issues and concerns are, and how solutions are being addressed. Are the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals referenced in your program?

Carbon Offset

Calculate your carbon emissions from traveling with a carbon calculator. Pack lightly and use biodegradable toiletries. Use public transportation when possible. Consider contributing funds to a carbon-offset project like reforestation or renewable energy initiatives. Or volunteer for a project on campus, with your hometown, or when you are abroad.

Live Locally

Watch for and adopt local conservation customs when traveling. Try to let go of your preferences, expectations, and assumptions about “the right way” to do something. Learn how and why it might be done differently and possibly adopt that practice when you are there. Open yourself to new experiences - learn with humility and without judgement.

Consume Less

Shorten the length and frequencies of your showers, wear clothes multiple times before washing, and do not let sink water run. Bring a reusable water bottle, a foldable, reusable bag, and reusable toiletry bottles. Purchase fresh, non-packaged food and  local goods when possible. This not only reduces waste but also supports the local economy.

Accessible Study Abroad Opportunities

Looking for accessible, alternative ways to gain global experience?

Domestic Study Away

Virtual International Internships, Courses, and Programs

Penn State EDGE Courses

Global Engagement and Leadership Experience (GELE)

Funding Opportunities

Global Gear Closet - contact about visiting the Global Gear Closet before traveling



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