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Freiburg, Germany: A Summer in the Black Forest by Josh Maron, Forest Ecosystems Management major

Studying abroad had always been a goal of mine. However, the experience itself has ignited a lifelong desire to experience the world.

Personal and Professional Growth in Germany by Kimberly Packard, BioRenewable Systems major

I have wanted to travel abroad since high school and the opportunity offered to us by supportive study abroad programs and faculty/staff here at Penn State, at the department, college, and university levels, allow us to bundle it into our tuition and current studies to fully nourish our understanding of the program we chose.

Food Travels: Germany - Meaghan Emery, Animal Sciences

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding, life changing experiences there is.

Germany – More than I could have imagined!: Beckie Bomberger, undeclared major

This experience has broadened my cultural values and ideas...

Germans Buy Local Products: Patrick Brame, Food Science
Germany - Food Travels: Shannon Smith, Biological Engineering

My experience was eye-opening in respect to education as well as culture...

Food Travels: Germany - Bryanna Kenno, Agricultural and Extension Education, INTAG and Wildlife & Fisheries Minors

An unforgettable experience and proof that dreams really do come true!

Food Travels - Germany: Brittany Fabin, Ag Science - Environmental Soil Science

Amazing trip, to an amazing place, with amazing people!

The First Trip of A Lifetime - Germany: Chelsie Beck, Wildlife and Fisheries Science

I have never been on a plane, let alone, overseas. I took this opportunity to go on this trip because of the endless possibilities, to experience a different culture and explore where my ancestors have originated from.

Food Travels Germany - Ashley Mignogna

Today’s world is becoming increasingly more globalized, so it is very important for us to realize we aren’t the only ones here and that we all contribute something to the world. We share our resources and products with one another to make the world complete. This was such an amazing experience and I am truly blessed to have been able to participate.

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