Global Teach Ag Network (GTAN)

The Global Teach Ag Network (GTAN) empowers educators to address global issues in the areas of agriculture and food security. The GTAN connects experts, practitioners, organizations, and businesses to educators around the world.

“The Global Teach Ag Network cares about me as an individual educator and provides an avenue to help me build global citizens in my classroom. They build a community for all educators to share ideas, make connections, and lift each other up.” Krista Pontius, Pennsylvania Secondary Agriscience Teacher

Connectivity to change the world

The GTAN is a community of practice for educators around the world to exchange ideas, share best practices, and gain new knowledge. The vision of GTAN is to empower educators to connect learners to the world's most pressing issues.

Immersive global experiences

Educators develop global competency and a deeper understanding of global issues in agriculture and food security by participating in immersive global experiences designed specifically for educators.

Learn together

Educators across the globe interact and learn together through an innovative online community of practice. Here, they engage on a wide range of fronts, including resources, scholarship, and opportunities for global learning in agriculture and food security, the development of innovative instructional programming, and much more.

Intensive educator professional development

The network matches educators with global experts, practitioners, organizations, and businesses for a multidisciplinary focus on global food systems transformation.

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Global Teach Ag Network

Melanie Miller Foster
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