Penn State among top universities for international engagement
December 9, 2011
Penn State is ranked seventh nationally for the number of students studying abroad and 15th for its international student enrollment, according to the Institute of International Education’s annual Open Doors report released in November. Penn State had a total of 5,715 international students enrolled University-wide and 5,207 at University Park alone, accounting for more than $160,000,000 in economic impact on the state of Pennsylvania in tuition, fees and living expenses, according to the National Association of Foreign Student Association's annual Economic Impact Statement.
Student team wins Ag Business Springboard Competition
December 6, 2011
A team of five students from the College of Engineering and the College of Agricultural Sciences won the 2011 Ag Business Springboard Competition. The winning team was chosen on Nov. 14 out of five finalist groups and was awarded the $5,000 grand prize.
New International Agriculture and Development graduate degree unveiled
November 10, 2011
Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is marking the nationwide observance of International Education Week (Nov. 13-19) by rolling out a new dual-title graduate degree in International Agriculture and Development.
Student Stories: Despite quake, New Zealand impressed her
October 31, 2011
Attracted by the country's unique wildlife, Melanie Torres spent her spring 2011 semester studying abroad in New Zealand, where she had many amazing experiences and more than a few surprises. The senior Wildlife and Fisheries Science major in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has loved animals since she was a little girl. "I grew up watching Steve Irwin, Jeff Corwin and other adventurers who travel the world while teaching others about what lives in it," she said. "I wish to emulate them and have taken up my major as the first step toward my dream."
Blog: CNFA International Assignment to Republic of Georgia
September 21, 2011
Glen Cauffman, PSU Farm Manager, travels to the Republic of Georgia on assignment with CNFA to support agriculture in the development of farm equipment rental services for small farmers.
Penn State student gets grant to attend World Food Prize in Iowa
September 13, 2011
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- A sophomore in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is one of two students to receive grants from the national FFA organization to attend World Food Prize events, Oct. 12-15 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Africa2Ag Week - Photos and Presentations Now Available!
August 11, 2011
The Pennsylvania State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences hosted a week-long series of events focused on Africa.
Learning to be Leaders
August 11, 2011
Students in the Global Leadership Initiative learn lessons in the classroom and beyond.
Student Stories: Agribusiness major a travel bug
August 9, 2011
Stephanie Beeman always has had a passion for agriculture, and she's not afraid to travel to experience it. An agribusiness management major, the Carlisle, Pa., native in 2009 traveled to Paris to compare the French and American agricultural systems. "Other members of Collegiate FFA persuaded me to choose the Paris trip when they talked about the food and how much fun they had visiting France," she said.
Ag Sciences faculty member named Penn State Distinguished Professor
August 2, 2011
Leif Jensen, professor of rural sociology and demography in the College of Agricultural Sciences, has been named a distinguished professor by Penn State. The title of distinguished professor was established by the Office of the President to recognize a select group of professors with exceptional accomplishments in teaching, research and service.
Penn State grad collecting books to fill a library in Zambia
July 26, 2011
As a Peace Corps volunteer working in the village of Kalechelo, Zambia, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences alumnus Chuck Cascio noticed that the young people were in dire need of books and other educational materials.
Announcement: International Symposium on Functional Genomic Tools in Honey Bees
June 28, 2011
Penn State's Department of Entomology and Center for Pollinator Research are hosting the "International Symposium on Functional Genomic Tools in Honey Bees" on Saturday, August 6, 2011.
Research aimed at slowing spread of forest pests in wood packaging
June 2, 2011
As invasive forest pests such as emerald ash borer and Asian long-horned beetle decimate forests they never should have seen, scientists are investigating ways to slow the introduction of new insects that may be just as devastating. One collaborative project that involves wood-products engineers and entomologists in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is showing promise. The primary goal of the research is to develop alternative and better ways to ensure that pests and pathogens don't hitchhike in pallets and wood packaging used in international shipping.
Penn State consortium bridges scientific, traditional knowledge
June 2, 2011
The beauty of nature and the stars at night have fascinated mankind for centuries, but bringing that fascination into the classroom in the academic study of astronomy and natural sciences is difficult. So a recent Penn State conference brought together educators and researchers from across the country to address bridging academic and folk sciences through traditional ecological knowledge.
Senior Fellow for Global Agriculture and Food Policy Roger Thurow speaks to INTAG 100 class about ending hunger
May 17, 2011
On April 26, Roger Thurow from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs spoke to 40 students enrolled in INTAG 100: Introduction to International Agriculture, one of the core courses for the minor in International Agriculture. His presentation was titled, "RAISE THE CLAMOR: WHY NOT HUNGER? -- We find ourselves at a moment of great opportunity in the battle against hunger, and we dare not squander it. It is time to raise the clamor and make ending hunger through agriculture development the great populist cause of this decade. "
Zombie ants have fungus on the brain, new research reveals
May 17, 2011
New research has revealed how infection by a parasitic fungus dramatically changes the behavior of tropical carpenter ants (species Camponotus leonardi), causing them to become zombie-like and to die at a spot that has optimal reproduction conditions for the fungus. The multinational research team studied ants living high up in the rainforest canopy in Thailand.
American agriculture could benefit from Korea-U.S. free-trade deal
May 17, 2011
American agriculture should benefit from a pending free-trade agreement between the United States and Korea, according to an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.
Student Stories: Animal Sciences major had to see it to Belize it
May 17, 2011
Iguanas, parrots and manatees, oh my. Most people never get to touch any of these exotic animals, but Sarah Taubenberger spent a summer touching and helping these creatures and many more.
Two-day symposium to examine science and culture of Ukraine
May 10, 2011
The College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State will sponsor a two-day symposium examining the science and culture of Ukraine, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 on Penn State's University Park campus. "Diverse Landscapes of Ukraine: A Celebration of 20 Years of Independence" will assemble speakers from universities in the United States, Ukraine and from around the world to address seminal topics in agriculture, environmental resources, language and culture.
Save the Date: Africa2Ag Week Announced!
May 10, 2011
The first annual Africa2Ag Week has been scheduled for August 22 - 26, 2011. The theme of this year's program is Building Collaborative Partnerships for African Agriculture.
Spanish for Agriculture Students Program Extended
May 4, 2011
About eight years ago, one semester of Spanish was all that was required for agricultural students. Now an entire program exists: Spanish for the Agriculture Industry, which includes a three-course basic language sequence.
Just Announced: International Short Course on RNAi–Mediated Functional Genetics in Honey Bees
April 19, 2011
We are pleased to announce a new training opportunity for graduate students and postdocs. This is a practical and theoretical course in honey bee RNA interference technology, to be held at Penn State University and the University of Life Sciences – Norway. The course is sponsored by the Research Council of Norway. This support covers registration fees, materials and supplies, local accommodations, lunch/coffee breaks, and provides all attendants with stipends to put toward their travel costs.
SIA, Center for Global Studies to host collaboration with Uganda
April 19, 2011
For several years, teams of Penn State students and researchers have worked to design structures, a social networking system, agricultural devices, and even a solar dryer for people in the developing world. Now, thanks to the newly established Center for Global Studies, the School for International Affairs is providing an opportunity to ground-test these technologies via live videoconference with colleagues at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.
Student Stories: Marine science down under
April 12, 2011
Amanda Miller last spring went to what she believes is the best place in the world to study marine science -- Brisbane, Australia.
ALERT: Travel by Penn State Employees to Countries Considered "Dangerous"
April 8, 2011
Global Programs announces 2011 award winners
March 22, 2011
Penn State's University Office of Global Programs (UOGP) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 Spirit of Internationalization Awards. These annual awards honor women from Penn State and the local community who embody the "Spirit of Internationalization" through academic achievements, artistic excellence, volunteerism in international organizations or dedication to advancing the status of women. The awards coincide with International Women’s Day (officially observed on March 8), which is celebrated worldwide to bring attention to global women’s issues.
Global food conditions make crop insurance important for PA farmers
March 22, 2011
As global food prices surge to their highest levels in years, an economist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences said climbing worldwide competition for feed grains could make 2011 an important growing season for Pennsylvania's animal-agriculture industries.
Penn State students experience Costa Rican culture, dairy farms
March 22, 2011
After a busy year of fundraising events and activities, 43 members of the Penn State Dairy Science Club celebrated their efforts with a spring break trip to Costa Rica March 4-10.
Student Stories: Perspective in the Dominican
March 2, 2011
Penn State student Sarah Colten is no stranger to roughing it. Having already spent time as a student at a school in Honduras, Colten had no trouble adjusting to life in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Getting up for 6:30 or 7 a.m. classes and wearing a uniform was no big deal to the Community, Environment and Development and Spanish double major.
Multiple approaches necessary to tackle world's food problems
February 22, 2011
Washington, D.C. -- Researchers need to use all available resources in an integrated approach to put agriculture on a path to solve the world's food problems while reducing pollution, according to a Penn State biologist. Changes in national and international regulations will be necessary to achieve this goal.
Out and About Pictures: Dean McPheron speaks to INTAG 100 class
February 17, 2011
Dean McPheron visits INTAG 100 "Introduction to International Agriculture" to talk with students about ideas, issues, and opportunities in global agriculture.
Penn State launches 'AcademIK Connections' video series
February 15, 2011
Sometimes seeing -- and hearing -- is believing, and that may be especially true with indigenous knowledge.
Two College of Ag Sciences students win prestigious scholarships
February 2, 2011
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- While Mount Nittany still is shrouded in snow, Brianna Isenberg, a junior in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, is on the other side of the world for the spring semester, enjoying the warmth of a New Zealand summer.
Improved plant efficiency is key to solving world hunger
February 2, 2011
The Green Revolution is one of the great scientific success stories of the 20th century. The development of high-yield, disease-resistant varieties of wheat and rice by agronomist Norman Borlaug and others beginning in the 1940s dramatically increased food production worldwide and saved hundreds of millions of lives. But Borlaug's approach didn't work everywhere. Low crop yields in developing nations remain a primary cause of world hunger. And with a constantly rising global population, food security is now a 21st-century problem. It's time, plant nutritionist Jonathan Lynch argues, for a second Green Revolution.
Bioenergy researcher gets $1 million grant to explore sorghum disease
January 27, 2011
A researcher in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences (Dr. Surinder Chopra) has been awarded a $1 million grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture for his investigation of anthracnose disease in sorghum.
Student Stories: International ag grad takes on Caribbean farm
January 5, 2011
For now, Timothy Silberg has chosen making memories over making money. Recently the Bucks County, Pa., native had to decide between what he saw as cushy jobs with Tyson Foods or the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or embarking on a journey to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to be the sole manager of a farm.
Chocolate Genome Mapped
January 5, 2011
Tinkering with cocoa genes won't change the flavor of chocolate, but it could lead to stronger trees.
Dr. Jill Findeis announced as new coordinator of International Agriculture (INTAG) Minor
January 3, 2011
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jill Findeis, Distinguished Professor of Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics & Demography will be the International Agriculture Minor Coordinator for the College of Ag Sciences beginning in January, 2011.