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Registration: Diverse Landscapes of Ukraine: Celebrating Twenty Years of Ukrainian Independence
Fall 2011 E-Newsletter

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Bunda College letter of support for Trilateral partnership

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START 2012 Partnership Enhancement Awards

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Undergraduate International Research Competitive Grants Program 2019-2020

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This program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students enrolled in the International Agriculture (INTAG) minor to conduct internationally-oriented research. The Office of International Programs (OIP) in the College of Agricultural Sciences is excited to announce the offering of its Undergraduate International Research Competitive Grants Program for 2019-2020. This program serves as an opportunity for undergraduate students enrolled in the International Agriculture minor who are looking to conduct research in an international setting. Eligibility Application Package Application packages should include the following items, in order, and be emailed as one PDF file to Noel Habashy ( Cover Page: Includes: Title of proposal; Applicant information (name, email address, phone number, PSU ID, declared or intended major); Signature of applicant and major advisor. Abstract: Limit to 200 words and present on a separate standalone page. This will be used for outreach purposes so should be clearly written in common language. If selected for funding, this abstract will be uploaded to the CAS International Programs and INTAG minor websites. Proposal: Limit the body of the proposal to 2-pages, single-spaced, 12-font Times New Roman, 1-inch margins. Graphs and images do not count towards this word limit. Proposals that do not adhere to the page-count will not be considered for funding. (Note: Cover page, Abstract, Budget, Budget Justification, Citations, and two-page Curriculum Vitae/Resume do not count toward this page limit.) Please use the following headings in your proposal: Project Rationale: Introduce your research problem. Background Information: Selectively review literature of your research subject. Description of Proposed Research: Include research questions, methodology, and timeline. Impact of Research: Discuss the contribution that your research will make to the international community, the Penn State community, the International Agriculture minor, and yourself. Budget: Expenditures can include, but are not limited to: field and/or lab supplies, survey tools/equipment, travel to/from research site, lodging, and software for data analysis. Proposals for research data collection and/or preliminary site visits will be considered. Travel to attend scientific meetings and/or conferences is an unallowable expense. Please keep in mind that all expenditures must occur within the award timeframe. Awarded funds must be used by June 30, 2020. No extensions will be granted. Maximum amount of an award is $1,500. The Office of International Programs anticipates offering up to four awards this year depending on strength of proposals received. Budget Justification: Include as a separate page, a narrative paragraph(s) explaining briefly the rationale for each budget item requested. References: Any references to materials published on-line or in print should be properly cited in the proposal and listed in a references section. Curriculum Vita (résumé): Two-page maximum. Review Criteria Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria: Importance and clarity of research problem Quality of background information that frames and contextualizes the proposal Ability of proposed methods to achieve project objectives Value of the research for the 1) international community; 2) Penn State community; 3) International Agriculture minor; 4) applicant Clarity of expression - writing style and proposal organization Appropriateness of budget for proposed research activities Deliverables A report (MS Word or PDF) of 1000-1500 words describing the findings of this research is due via email to Dr. Noel Habashy ( at the start of the Fall semester, no later than August 31, 2020. Extracts of the report may be used by the OIP for newsletter articles or published on the OIP website. Students still at Penn State may be invited to present their findings in an International Agriculture class in the fall semester Note: The call for applications will also be available in the Spring if funds remain. Any Questions? Please contact Dr. Noel Habashy (

Grad Emergency Contact & Info Form

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Faculty Emergency Contact and Information Form

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ICIK Spring 2012 E-Newsletter

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Joseph Cordivano, Sr. Memorial Award

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Spring 2012 E-Newsletter

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2012 WIRA Application (Ukrainian)

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Africa2Ag week symposium agenda - Wednesday August 29, 2012

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Africa Collaboration Colloquium flyer

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Africa Collaboration Colloquium draft agenda

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International Programs Fall 2012 Speaker Series

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Informational Flyer on Brazil Program

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Informational Flyer on France Program

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Informational Flyer on Brazil Undergraduate Program

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Tag-a-long Application

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Summer 2012 E-Newsletter

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Fall 2012 ICIK E-Newsletter

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Travelogue: Madeline Beerens

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Travelogue: Jena Smolko

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Travelogue: Austin Snyder

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IPAC Report-June 2001

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Report of Recommendations

IPAC Review-October 2003

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Three Year Review

IPAC Report 2005-2008

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Report of Recommendations

IPAC Strategic Plan 2008-2013

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Creating the Global Network

Addendum to 2008-2013 Strategic Plan

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FINPACK Personal Version (SP)

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FINPACK Professional Version (SP)

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Woskob Flyer

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New Century Fund

WOSKOB Ukraine Conference

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Ag Sciences News article from August 2007

Travelogue: Grubb

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Travelogue: Lauffer

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Travelogue: Giannetti

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Semester Abroad in South Africa

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Spring 2013 E-Newsletter

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World Food Prize scholarship 2013

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Travel by PSU Employees To Countries Considered Dangerous July 2013

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Fall 2014 Seminars with International Foci

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Foreign Travel Export Compliance Review Request Form

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Foreign Travel Export Compliance Review Request Form

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International Agreements

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Listing of international agreements in the College. Updated January 2010.

Farmer To Farmer Program Description

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June 2010 E-Newsletter

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my time in Paris

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Group IEEE Budget: Overall

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“The French Countryside: Landscape Development in France” - Jenna Hicks:Landscape Contracting

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Flight Information Form

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Mexico 2010 Briana Conley

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Clem’s BBQ Info

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Statement of Responsibility / Waiver and Release for Short-term International Group Travel

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Italy2010 study tour for food science-Chelsey Novak’s

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Travelogue: Comparison of France and United State Agriculture

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Spring Break (2010) Study Tour to Honduras

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My First Journey to India - Andrew Goga

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China Travelogue: Cara Nordberg’s Beijing Experience, Summer 2010

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Comparing US/French Agriculture: My French Experience, Barbara Jennings

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Beijing, China - Chelsea Fitzpatrick

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Study Abroad South Africa - Kelly Spore: Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Wildlife and Fisheries Science

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A Long Journey to the Land Down Under - Cara Hedges

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GOTCHA - Leah Kofmehl, Toxicology

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Soils 497U A Journey through Jordan - Katie Clark, Environmental Resource Management

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"Once upon a time, in a land far, far away" - Adrianne Kartachak, South Africa 2010

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Food Tour in Italy - Elizabeth Beck, May 2010

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Education Abroad on the Fast Track

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Rachel Perriti Student Led Fundraiser page

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International Travel Check List

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Sample Packing List: Above all else, PACK LIGHTLY

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Traveling with Valuables

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Taking Money Abroad

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Be Street-Smart

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Ten Commandments of Travel

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The Art of Traveling

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Culture: What it is and how to deal with it.

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Culture Shock Adjustment Timeline

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Dealing with Culture Shock

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The Stereotyped American

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Staying Healthy While Traveling Overseas Health Checklist

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Health Hints for International Travelers

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The Traveling First Aid Kit

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Tips for Students

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"What I Learned and What I Will Never Forget!" - Andrew Schlegel

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Orphanage outreach: Service learning in Dominican Republic

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INTAG 497A - France: Stephanie D. Beeman

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Suggestions for Student Orientation

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Soils 497U Trip to Jordan - Garrett Guinivan

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Food Science 497- Food Systems in Italy: "Gelato Tour 2010", Natalie Masters

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"The Children and Youth Empowerment Centre", Kenya - Alayna Blalock

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Kenya Travelogue: In Kenya with AGRO/CED 497C, Benjamin Moorhead

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SOILS 497 U - Jordan Journal, Kelcey Grogan

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A Middle Eastern Adventure: Tyler Rice, Agronomy, Environmental Soil Science, Leadership Development

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Fall 2010 ICIK E-Newsletter

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Fall 2010 E-Newsletter

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CAS IEEEs, Spring 2011

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No Empty Shelves - Zambia Book Project

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Spring 2011 E-Newsletter

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2012 APT Flyer

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Beyond The Borders

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Africa2Ag Friday Symposium

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Gathenya keynote - Africa2Ag 2011 symposium

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Hansen (APLU) - panel presentation Africa2Ag symposium Aug 26

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Leland Glenna - Africa2Ag Friday symposium wrap-up

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A Briggs Announcement - Penn State (002).pdf

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TSN FAQs.pdf

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