Community, Environment, and Development majors have multiple opportunities to study abroad for a semester. These programs are suggestions, meet with your academic advisor before applying to check if courses will count toward your degree or Gen Ed requirements.


Kenya - Big 10: Nairobi, Kenya, Studies in International Development

Senegal - Big 10: Dakar, Senegal, Studies in International Development

South Africa - CIEE: Cape Town, Arts and Sciences

South Africa - Cape Town, South Africa: Parks and People

Tanzania - Arusha, Tanzania: Biology of Eco-Health (Summer)

Tanzania - SFS: Tanzania, Wildlife Management Studies

Tanzania - SFS: Tanzania, Wildlife Management & Conservation (Summer)


Bhutan - SFS: Bhutan, Himalayan Environment and Society in Transition

Cambodia - SFS: Cambodia, River Ecosystems & Environmental Ethics

Japan - IES: Tokyo, Language and Culture

Thailand - CIEE: Khon Kaen, Development and Globalization


Dominican Republic - CIEE: Santiago, Dominican Republic, Liberal Arts

Central America

Costa Rica - Turrialba, Costa Rica: Spanish for the Agricultural Sciences (Summer)

Costa Rica - SFS: Costa Rica, Sustainable Development Studies

Panama - SFS: Panama, Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies


Czech Republic - CEEConnect: CzechMates

Denmark - DIS: Copenhagen, Study in Copenhagen

Ireland - Arcadia: Galway, National University of Ireland

Ireland - Limerick: University of Limerick

Spain - CIEE: Palma de Mallorca, Language and Culture (Summer)

United Kingdom - Arcadia: London Internship Program

United Kingdom - Brighton: University of Sussex

United Kingdom - Leeds: University of Leeds


Australia - CIEE: Perth, Murdoch University - Arts and Sciences

Australia - CIEE: Wollongong, University of Wollongong, Arts and Sciences

Australia - IES: Sydney, The University of Sydney

Australia - SFS: Australia, Tropical Rainforest Studies

Australia/New Zealand - New Zealand and Australia: Sustainable Tourism and the Environment (Summer)

South America

Argentina - IES: Buenos Aires, Latin American Societies and Cultures

Argentina - IES: Buenos Aires, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Summer)

Chile - CIEE: Valparaiso, Liberal Arts

International Programs


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International Programs


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