INTAD Student Wins Top Prize in Research Pitch Competition

Posted: May 20, 2016

Megan Wilkerson, Ph.D. candidate in INTAD and Entomology won first place in the Second Annual Pitch Competition.

On May 17, 2016 the Millennium Café hosted the 2nd Annual Pitch Competition sponsored by Pittsburgh Plate Glass. Fifty PhD students from a variety of disciplines had the opportunity to pitch their research in 2 minutes or less using no more than four 8.5” x 11” printed slides to a panel of judges from industry and academia. Students were evaluated on the big picture, clarity, structure, audience, passion and pace and winners received cash prizes: 1st $750, 2nd $500 and 3rd $250.

The vice president of the INTAD Student Organization, Megan Wilkerson won first place. She is pursuing a dual-title doctorate in Entomology and International Agriculture & Development. She dazzled the judges in two minutes with her research on insect related cocoa decline. In September, she will be traveling to Ghana, the world’s second largest producer of cocoa, to test the effectiveness of low-input technologies on killing insects that maintain disease on cocoa trees.