International Agriculture and Development Graduate Program

Set yourself apart.

The International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) dual-title degree program provides students with international perspectives and expertise to strengthen their primary graduate degree.

Increasing numbers of employers are looking for graduates with international experiences and credentials.

Graduate students must apply and be accepted into INTAD. The results will be a diploma that notes both the primary degree as well as the INTAD dual-title. Students can pursue M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Upon graduation from the program, students will be better competitors for career opportunities working with international organizations, universities and research institutes, and international corporations.

Students already enrolled in the participating graduate programs in the College of Agricultural Sciences can apply to enroll in the dual-title degree program. Students will learn and develop skills through additional interdisciplinary core coursework and a broad range of supplemental elective courses. Regular opportunities will be available to interact with internationally accomplished faculty and peers in relevant fields.

Currently there are very few dual-title degree programs that aim to enrich the international education of graduate students. We are very pleased to be one of the first universities to give our students the opportunity to gain unique international perspectives and experiences through the INTAD dual-title degree program.



Melanie Miller Foster
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