This course partners with a Kenyan NGO for former street children to develop, implement and assess initiatives for youth and economic development.

Course Name

AGECO/CED 499: Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development in Kenya

3.0 credits in spring. 0.25 credits in summer at a flat rate of $200

  • Spring 2025 Course at University Park: Tuesdays and Thursdays, TBD
  • Maymester Dates of Travel: Beginning in mid-May after finals for approximately 2.5 weeks
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About the course

This course is part of an initiative to develop viable economic and youth development options for a program for street children in Kenya. In this 3 credit course, students learn about cultural, economic and social conditions in Kenya, then students teams build on this knowledge to identify and develop options for youth development and enterprise development, culminating with on-site assessment and implementation in Kenya. Students in the course will spend roughly two and a half to three weeks in Kenya, from mid-May to early June.

Why should I participate?

Students should participate in this Kenya experience to gain an understanding to the agro-ecological, economic and cultural environment in Kenya, the factors that have led to the phenomenon of street-dwelling children and youth. Students will also investigate the role of micro-enterprise development in income-generation and economic growth, work with the youth cooperative and gain a greater appreciation for Kenyan culture and history.

Cost and Payment Deadlines

Total Cost: approximately $2500 plus tuition and fees.

Approximately $600 covers lodging and in-country travel. Some optional activities involve extra costs.

Students pay for international travel, meals, visa, vaccinations and incidentals as well as the flat rate tuition for 0.25 credits in summer.


All Penn State students are eligible to apply.

More Information

Janelle Larson,
Sjoerd Duiker,

Sustainable Development Goals:

This course is most closely aligned with SDGs 1: No Poverty and 2: Zero Hunger

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