Mobina Sahraee Juybari

My PhD research focuses on the study of world languages in Australian universities. Despite Australia's efforts to maintain diverse languages education, it struggles with an ‘English-only’ mindset. Some suggest that Australia risks becoming a graveyard for languages if this pattern continues. Further, Australian universities are facing funding issues and lack sufficient government support to offer a broad range of languages. Consequently, they primarily offer more popular languages, limiting educational opportunities for students interested in studying diverse world languages. Therefore, by drawing focus on Spanish and Latin American and Chinese Studies, this research is advocating for world languages emphasising the equal value of all languages for education, and global communication.

Additionally, this research specifically examines culture in world language study, emphasising the importance of intercultural understanding for global communication. UNESCO suggests that cultures may play a significant role in enhancing world mutual understanding through global citizenship. One possible perspective is that students might foster global citizenship through learning diverse languages and cultures. Therefore, my research delves into the culture to potentially shed light on how world languages could contribute to students' cultural understanding as future global citizens. Hence, this research challenges social and educational injustices by advocating for equal opportunities in the study of world languages in English speaking countries and promoting global intercultural understanding. 

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