The Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Children, Youth and Community facilitates the global research, educational activities, and policy formation. Through our network, higher education and research institutions all over the globe pool their resources, both human and material, to address pressing challenges and contribute to the development of their societies, with particular interest in the rights of vulnerable populations of youth.

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Our Network is unprecedented in size, scope and spans 6 continents, 10 geographic regions, dozens of universities and NGOs, and an extensive list of the world's best multidisciplinary academics and researchers committed to being part of this program. UNESCO chairs from the United States, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Uganda, Mexico, Korea, Brazil, and Spain, who work in the areas of youth and community make up the core of this network.

What We Do

The UNESCO Chairs Network on Children, Youth and Community focuses on delivering immediate responsive (to need and request) and ongoing research, program development, and educational program delivery and outreach. With our dedicated partners we are able to conduct international comparative research, design programs, and deliver them worldwide in a matter of months - not years as is often the case. The network has a common framework of Community Capacity Building, Youth Development, and Conflict Mitigation. This framework sets the stage for effective work in a wide range of areas such as, civic engagement, resilience building, health and well being, education and literacy, social and economic development, democratization wider family support and peace building. Our work cuts across communities, generations, and all aspects of local life, resulting in the dissemination and application of best practices worldwide through traditional (trainings, factsheets) and innovative social media (YouTube, Facebook) methods.

How We Do It

We work to create opportunities for youth and communities worldwide to improve their lives, security, and well-being. We lead change through high-quality, evidence-based translational ('bench to bed') research; innovative educational programs; effective policy briefing advice; state of the art outreach activities, and high-impact national and international partnerships. We serve as a significant bridge builder between universities, researchers and international policy-makers. Our success is found in our comprehensive approach to applied research, where we oversee all project aspects from inception to outreach and application. Through this process, global citizens are empowered, policy makers better informed, and societies made stronger, stable, innovative, and more resilient.

Global Network Factsheet

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Our Partners



 University of Galway

Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution