Our work exists worldwide, within the UNESCO priority area of the Global South, to other regions of the world where youth and communities are in need of support. We have a track record and the resources to indicate we get things done, for example:

The Youth As Researchers program to ensure Ukrainian Youth Refugee voices.

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PI: Jamison Malcolm Coming Soon! Summer 2024

Self-Determination Theory, Empathy, And a Global Audience: Understanding the Personal Motivations of Youth as Researchers to Apply to the Program.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kaila Thorn

Technology Adoption in Cacao Farms in San Vicente De Chucuri, Santander: The Role of Cadmium Regulations

Dr. Alejando Gil Aguire

What Are the Most Effective Components of Empathy Education for Undergraduate Students to Increase Their Empathy Levels?

Project Investigator: Dr. Kate Berardi

The Brazilian Social Mobilization for Education Plan - Factors Affecting Leadership Engagement in The Communities of the Estreito Hydroelectric Region

Project Director: Dr. Erika Anseloni

Higher Education and Community Development: A Multi-Stakeholder View on the Correlates of Project Participation and Design Preferences

Project Investigator: Dr. Brad Olson

Examining the Impacts of Youth Participatory Evaluation Methods on a Youth Participatory Action Research Setting

Project Investigator: Dr. Erica Odera

Chocolate and Climate Change: Investigating Gender Dynamics of Small-Scale Cacao Producers in Lampung and South Sulawesi Indonesia

Project Investigator: Dr. Sarah Eissler

Exploring the Public Value of the Nuffield International Farming Scholars Program

Project Investigator: Dr. Jean Lonie

Participation in Capacity-Building Programs and the Implications for the Well-Being of Young Farmers with and Without Disabilities in Uganda

Project Investigator: Dr. David Agole

Beyond Participation: No Research About Us Without Us

Project Investigator: Mr. Jamison Malcolm

AG Kids aren't Gay: The LGBTQ+ Youth Climate in Pennsylvania 4-H.

Project Investigator: Ms. Mya Swires

Could Empathy Lead to Community Development? A Study on the Factors Shaping and Maintaining Personal Empathy

Project Investigator: Mr. Karim Bataineh

Youth Leadership Development in Kenya and Zambia

Project Investigators: Dr. Susan Redmond and Dr. Mark Brennan

Youth Development in Kenya: The Children and Youth Empowerment Centre and Zawadi Ecovillage

Project Investigator: Mr. Brad Olson

Community Development and Capacity Building in Rural Ireland and Pennsylvania

Project Investigators: Ms. Kaitlyn Butterbaugh and Dr. Mark Brennan

Community and Youth Development in Rural America and Ireland

Project Investigators: Dr. Mark Brennan

Community Leadership Development: Youth Leadership Development in Pennsylvanian High Schools with Agriculture Programs

Project Investigator: Dr. Sarah Osmane

Market-Led Agrarian Reform: Findings from an Exploratory Case Study in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Project Investigators: Dr. Thomas Bruening, Mr. Brad Olson, Mr. Daniel Tobin, and Dr. Mark Brennan

Understanding Diffusion of Innovations with Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Turrialba, Costa Rica

Project Investigator: Ms. Sarah Eissler

Community Development and Natural Resource Conservation in Vietnam

Project Investigator: Dr. Thuy Nguyen and Dr. Mark Brennan

Community Based Natural Resource Management in Kenya

Project Investigator: Mr. Brad Olson

Interactions Between Livelihoods and Pro-Poor Value Chains: A Case Study of Native Potatoes in The Central Highlands Of Peru

Project Investigator: Dr. Daniel Tobin

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