A unique opportunity for Penn State students and others to join the UNESCO Chair the Youth as Researchers program. This program trains youth and young adults to create and carry out youth-driven and youth-owned social justice research projects of their choosing. We need you!!! Join up now!

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. This UN agency focuses on international development issues related to education, science, and culture. At Penn State, Dr. Mark Brennan is UNESCO Chair in Rural Community, Leadership, and Youth Development and has been commissioned by the UN to be a leading source of high-impact research, educational programs, policy and partnerships that improve the lives of youth and communities worldwide.

Each year there is a unique opportunity for a small group of students Penn State students to join Dr. Brennan and his team in an initiative called Youth as Researchers. This program trains youth and young adults to create and carry out youth-driven social justice research projects. At the end of these research projects, video documentaries are made to present findings to a global audience, including at the annual UN Youth Summit and UNESCO Youth Forum.

This is opportunity for Penn State students with an interest in international development, community development, and social justice issues. It is especially suited for students who are interested in collaborative research and who enjoy working in teams with other students.

2019 Youth As Researchers

Coming Soon!

2018 Youth as Researchers

In 2018 groups of youth researchers from Penn State, Philadelphia, and State College conducted research of their choosing on the issues that they saw as important to themselves, their communities, and to social justice.

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