Educational inequity represents critical challenges that hinder the establishment of stable, civil societies. This includes the loss of human potential, disenfranchisement of numerous groups, intolerance, and polarized societies. Ultimately, all contribute to social and political instability and decreased capacity for social/economic development. It is in the interest of Australia and the U.S. to thwart educational inequality, domestically and internationally. Research suggests potential solutions exist at the intersection of youth voice/engagement and social emotional learning. The proposed Australasia-U.S. Educational Equity Hub will be a critical entity that brings together scholars, educators, students, policymakers, and NGOs to engage with applied youth voice, engagement, and social-emotional learning research and evidence-based programming, to ensure Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility outcomes. It will put youth voice-engagement and social-emotional learning into practice as foundational skills that impact the ways that community members respond to common challenges at their institutions and home communities to advance educational equity.

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