A third of the worlds population is under age 15, and half of all citizens are under age 25! In this setting there is a well-documented need for community, leadership, and youth development research, teaching, and programming particularly in developing countries to make a difference.

This UNESCO Chair on Global Citizenship Education for Sustainable Peace through Youth and Community Engagement supports UNESCO's priorities for addressing the specific issues and needs of youth and communities.

  • We work to create opportunities for youth worldwide to improve their lives and communities. Our proven research, education, and outreach programs focus on three key interrelated areas:
    • Youth development and empowerment
    • Community capacity building in which youth play a central role
    • Activism oriented toward social justice, change and equality
  • We lead change through high-quality, evidence-based research; innovative educational programs; effective policy advice and high-impact national and international partnerships. Through this process, citizens are empowered to take ownership of local decision-making and shape efforts to meet local needs. Communities are made stronger, more resilient and more sustainable.
  • We serve as a significant bridge builder between universities, researchers and international policy-makers. A key strength is our vast network of diverse world-renowned experts in the areas of youth, leadership, community and rural development.
  • We address and directly contribute to the objectives of the UNESCO Education for All agenda. The Education for All (EFA) movement is a global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children, youth and adults.
  • Located at the Pennsylvania State University, we have at our full disposal the resources and infrastructure of a leading U.S. research university and over 100 faculty and subject matter experts from a variety of areas are affiliated with the program.
  • Beyond Penn State, hundreds of leading researchers, teachers, policymakers and practitioners throughout the UNESCO system can be immediately engaged to achieve our goals. We presently have partnerships with universities, NGOs and government agencies in more than 40 countries on six continents.

For more information on our programs and offerings, please feel free to download and share our program information brochures.

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