2018 Youth as Researchers

In 2018 groups of youth researchers from Penn State, Philadelphia, and State College conducted research of their choosing on the issues that they saw as important to themselves, their communities, and to social justice.
2018 Youth Researchers

2018 Youth Researchers

Research Team: Neel Mehta, Noah Musto, Andrew Hanna, Sienna Baker Emma Domico, Katherine Wenner, Clarisse Solis, Emily Kiver, Lucille Laubenstein, Divya Jain

Research Team: Isabel Morello, Katie Spearly, Heejung Koo, Lamisse Hamouda, Patrick Jones-O'Brien, Aja Kukic-Bartoo

Research Team: Natalie Faulds, Nusheena Parvizi, Simrandeep Chahal, Kelsey Bell, Sophia Wertz, Melissa Mendoza, Kimberly Hernandez-Campos