Abdul Qawi Noori

This research investigates the academic socialisation experiences of international PhD students from the Global South in Australian higher education. It examines their understanding of academic socialisation, the impact of their cultural backgrounds, aspirations, and imaginations on their academic socialisation experiences. By addressing the challenges these students face and their strategies for overcoming their challenges, this study aims to highlight systematic barriers in higher education that perpetuate social and educational injustices, including cultural misunderstandings, lack of support, and unequal professional opportunities. Based on the anticipated outcomes, the research proposes potential improvements in academic socialisation practices that recognise diverse backgrounds and enhance educational equity, inclusivity, overall well-being, and academic success for international students in Australian higher education institutions.

As I prepare to engage in a workshop, learn more about UNESCO’s goals for social justice education, and interact with professionals from various universities, obtaining relevant feedback is crucial. Firstly, I aim to assess if my arguments are clearly articulated and logically structured by seeking feedback on clarity and coherence from experts. Secondly, I am seeking critical feedback and philosophical questioning on different aspects of my research, including methodology and theoretical underpinnings. Given the relevance of my work to global educational equity, such feedback will enrich my understanding. Lastly, feedback on my presentation skills, along with critical suggestions and recommendations, will be invaluable for improving both my research and my skills for future endeavours.

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