Global Forest Conservation - FOR 488, Spring 2017

Posted: November 11, 2016

FOR 488 is a 3 credit Spring 2017 course with an optional 3-4 week Maymester study tour (0.5 credits) to Morocco and South Africa to examine first-hand forest conservation on a global level.
  • Do tropical forests hold a cure for cancer?
  • Can forests save the planet from global warming?
  • How do forests feed millions of people around the world?
  • What’s the relationship between forests and human health?

This course tackles these provocative questions by challenging learners to think about forests as an integral part of sustainable landscapes and economic development.  Learners with an interest in global issues will develop an understanding of the environmental, economic, and social factors influencing forest conservation and development.  Learning will happen via a combination of in-class and online activities (in lieu of in-class face time) designed across five 3-week modules that incorporate and culminate in a real world international project.

  • MODULE I: Forests systems around the world
  •  MODULE II: Forests for development
  •  MODULE III: Forests for people and society
  •  MODULE IV: Forest for the environment
  •  MODULE V: Project design

For more information contact Mike Jacobson