Spring (May) Commencement
The College of Agricultural Sciences holds its own spring commencement ceremony each May in the Bryce Jordan Center.

Summer (August) and Fall (December) Commencement
The University combines and organizes commencement ceremonies for the summer and fall semesters. More information regarding these ceremonies can be found on the University's Commencement website.

Live Stream Link
For friends and family who cannot attend commencement, they can join in celebrating your achievements by viewing it via the Live Stream at the following link: PSU main Commencement website at: commencement.psu.edu/media/live.

Student Tasks Prior to Graduation (for all ceremonies)

Apply for Graduation

Students must apply for graduation in LionPATH during the Intent to Graduate Activation Period. If you miss this intent period, please contact your academic advisor to notify your major's Program Coordinator to add your name to the graduation list. Information on how to set your intent to graduate and activation periods can be found on the PSU Registrar's website. Please note: If your intent is filed late, your name may not be printed in the commencement program.

Procedure for Re-enrollment for Graduation Purposes Only

When a student wishes to graduate, but is not currently enrolled in courses at Penn State, the student must complete this specific Re-enrollment form, "Undergraduate Re-enrollment Form - Graduating ONLY, not enrolling in classes" found on the Registrar's website here.

This online form must be printed, signed, and returned to the Registrar's Office via:

  • Fax to 814-863-1929
  • Email to
  • Hand carry to the UP Registrar Office (112 Shields Building)
  • Surface mail to:

    Office of the University Registrar
    Attn: Enrollment Services
    112 Shields Building
    University Park, PA 16802-1271

Once the form is received at the Registrar's Office, the Registrar staff will notify your college that you wish to re-enroll for graduation purposes and be added to the current graduation list. The College will notify your major Program Coordinator for approval to add you to the graduation list.

Transferring credits to PSU to finish your degree requirements

It is important for students who plan to fulfill degree requirements using transfer credits to meet with their academic adviser well in advance of graduation to discuss your plans. Your academic adviser, as well as the Program Coordinator of your major, must be apprised of the school and course number(s) from which the transfer credits are expected. This must be reported to them when the course is scheduled.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their transfer credits are transferred to Penn State in time to remain on the graduation list. This could require you to follow-up to make sure your credits were sent and have arrived at PSU. The transfer credit deadline for graduation is typically just prior to the date of the commencement ceremony.

The student is then responsible for any petitions needed to place their transfer credits into the correct positions on their degree audit.

If your credits are not transferred to PSU prior to the deadline for the current semester, the student is required to re-enroll for graduation purposes only again the following semester.

Degree Audit

Review your degree audit to verify that your degree requirements are all in progress. Contact your adviser if you have any issues.

Verify Name and Address

Review LionPATH to ensure your name and address are correct for diploma and mailing accuracy.

Graduating at an alternative campus

Students may ask to attend commencement exercises at a Penn State campus not assigned to them. To make this request, the student should submit the appropriate alternative commencement site request form to Kathy Pletcher, 101 Ag. Admin. Building, . More information can be found on the PSU Registrar's website.

Requesting to "Walk" in our commencement ceremony

Students who would like to "walk" (but are not graduating) in our commencement ceremony must be within no more than 2 courses (or 8 credits) from meeting all graduation requirements and be registered to complete these courses the following semester. Contact your academic adviser to request permission to "walk" in our ceremony. Please note - your name will not be printed in the ceremony program, but you may cross the stage and have your name read. You must then apply to graduate the following semester in order to receive your diploma.

Caps and Gowns

Caps and gowns may be purchased the the Penn State Bookstore (HUB) or the Student Bookstore (downtown).

Spring 2020 Commencement for the College of Agricultural Sciences
Summer (August) and Fall (December) Commencement Ceremonies