Frequently Asked Questions

What is my role as a College of Ag Sciences Undergraduate Research Award faculty supervisor?

Successful faculty mentors will:

  • Understand and support all award guidelines and expectations shared on the Information for Students Page.
  • Mentor the student throughout the duration of the research project - from proposal to exhibition.
  • Work with your department and Human Resources to serve as the supervisor for the student's wage position. This includes the routine approval of wage hours entered in Workday.
  • Monitor the student's progress and expenditures throughout the course of the project.
  • Ensure that the student is following all university research guidelines.

How many students may I supervise?

A maximum of three (3) awards per faculty member will be funded during the academic year; and two (2) during the summer.

Is there a credit-based requirement of this award?

There is not a credit-based requirement for the College of Ag Sciences Undergraduate Research Award. Students, advisers, and faculty supervisors may explore credit as desired.

Can a student submit an application to work with me on my research project?

Students may participate in research that is part of a larger faculty-led project. However, the student's independent role in the project must be clearly defined and the student must independently author their proposal.

I have undergraduate research opportunities available for students. How can I connect with them?

Consider posting your opportunity in the Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Mentoring Database.

What resources exist to support me as a faculty undergraduate research mentor?

Several resources exist via the URFM mentor programs. Additionally, programs for students and mentors can be found on URFM's events page.