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Access books and materials from 36 libraries and 24 locations. Gain ground with one-on-one tutoring and on-demand learning. Get help with technology and University systems.

University Libraries

The University Libraries have everything from articles and books to instructional materials and study spaces. Each college and subject area has a library specialist who develops subject and course guides to help students identify the best resources to help them with assignments. The library specialist for the College of Ag Sciences is Helen Smith. She's an excellent resource to help you navigate the libraries at University Park, find articles, or get advice on proper citations.

Penn State Learning

Penn State Learning offers free one-to-one tutoring for many courses. Writing tutors can help with assignments, personal statements, and job applications. Penn State Learning also provides group study spaces and teamwork areas, as well as Campus Learning Centers across the state. 

Guided Study Groups (GSGs) are available for several courses in the subject areas of math, business, and science.  GSGs are led by undergraduate students who have previously completed the course. The group leaders attend the course with you and receive training to help you with problem-solving, collaborative learning, and developing better study strategies. Work with your GSG regularly to make the most of the opportunity.

Tech Tutors

Tech Tutors are Penn State students trained to provide help in person and online with technology-related assignments. At University Park, you can find Tech Tutors in the Pollock Computer Lab and at the Search Bar in Sidewater Commons, on the first floor of Pattee Library.

LinkedIn Learning

Access a suite of on-demand, expert-led instructional videos available through Penn State's LinkedIn Learning website—free for currently enrolled students!

LionPATH Help

Penn State's student information system, LionPATH, enables you to view your class schedule and textbooks, access your grades, search for classes, and more. The LionPATH Student Help website offers documents, videos, and a service request tool to assist with LionPATH issues and questions.

iStudy for Success!

The iStudy tutorials are designed to advance students' knowledge and skills in areas that can promote overall academic achievement. You can work step by step through learning modules to help you understand topics like time management, academic integrity, problem solving, and many more. 

Effectively Using Email

Email is an important aspect of your experience at Penn State. Here are some tips for communicating effectively and efficiently:

  • Use a clear subject line, such as “AP exam credit."
  • Don't be too casual. Use formal titles, such as “Dr.," “Professor," “Mr.," or “Ms."
  • Be sure to proofread and check your spelling.
  • Send short emails for short questions. Some questions might require meeting with your adviser so that you can have a longer discussion.
  • Expect a reply, but not an immediate one. Give your adviser 24 to 48 hours to respond before sending a second email.

Additional Resources