Study agriculture and food systems for two weeks in Paris by enrolling in INTAG/AGBM 470A/B

Posted: October 9, 2014

During spring 2015, students will gain a better understanding of the differences and similarities between the U.S. and French agricultural systems, followed by a two-week trip to Paris (May 16 to 30) to observe French agriculture and visit many sites in Paris.

Spring semester class periods (2.5 credits, meeting dates and times to be determined) will allow students to learn about agricultural policy and international trade, use and acceptance of genetically modified organisms, organic food, diet and health, and more via lecture, guest presentations, individual research, and group discussions. Lectures will also incorporate language, cultural, and logistical issues to prepare students for the two-week trip to Paris. While in France (0.5 credits), students will attend lectures held at AgroParisTech (APT) and participate in several exciting on-site visits, which tentatively include: Champagne vineyards and an agricultural high school, the Rungis wholesale market outside of Paris, the Versailles Kitchen Gardens, INRA (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research), an Organic Farm Share Program, and more. The course also helps fulfill the requirements of the INTAG minor.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact:

Dr. Ted Jaenicke Dr. Dan Azzara Dr. Kathy Kelley Ketja Lingenfelter

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