Crop Mobs Information Meeting

Posted: February 28, 2014

Join the State College Crop Mobs team and learn how you can experience sustainable, local agriculture hands-on for a day! Come to the Sustainable Agriculture Club's meeting Tuesday, March 4th at 7:00 pm in 371 Willard Building.

Crop Mobs aims to join together the people who grow our food to form relationships and build a community that is always learning, growing and sharing. A “mob” will head out to a farm to help with a project that is normally laborious and time-consuming for the farmer to complete alone. The farmer will in turn give the mob members a taste of agriculture, sharing stories about life on the farm and the practices they are integrating to work with the ecosystems around them, as well as a shared meal supplemented with fresh products straight from the farm.

Crop Mob team members Anna Schwyter and Emily Pennock are excited to introduce their project to the community and university and embrace the relationships between farmers and community members. “Food links everyone together,” Said Schwyter. “This is such exciting opportunity to build a network and increase hands-on education about local foods.”

The informational meeting will begin with a presentation by the State College Crop Mobs team at 7:00 pm on March 4, which will run until 7:30 pm, when a group discussion will be held where questions, idea sharing, networking and brainstorming is welcomed and encouraged.

“My hope is that students, faculty and community members alike feel like they are a part of building this community centered around something so essential and enriching: sustainable agriculture supporting local foods,” said Pennock.

To learn more, go to the State College Crop Mobs website or find us on Facebook.