Penn State AgrAbility

Posted: March 8, 2013

On the week after spring break March 11-15, there will be penny war jars in the lobby of ASI for donations to contribute to the AgrAbility program. The AgrAbility provides assistive living technologies to farmers with disabilities to provide a higher quality lifestyle.

The Penn State agricultural Greek organizations are running a fundraiser to support the AgrAbility program. The vision of AgrAbility is to enable a lifestyle of high quality for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities. The main course of their work is providing assistive living technology to farmers with disabilities. If you wish to learn more about the AgrAbility program please visit Members from 5 Greek organizations, Delta Theta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Sigma Alpha, Tau Phi Delta, and Alpha Gamma Rho, will be working together to raise money through Penny Wars to support a local farmer in Pennsylvania who is in need of financial assistance and has a disability. The week after spring break, March 11-15, there will be jars in the lobby of ASI. If you wish to donate to our cause, please drop your contribution into the jar of your favorite Greek organization and help support AgrAbility!

For additional information contact Kyle Heffner.

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