Water Insights

Water Insights is an interdisciplinary seminar series on water science, water management, and water policy sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science (SAFES). Speakers include researchers, water managers, and water policy makers from Penn State, other universities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Events and Activities
Women in Science - Movie Screening of "Picture a Scientist"

When November 3, 2021 3:00 PM to November 5, 2021 1:10 PM
Where Wednesday - Palmer Museum theater and Friday - 133 Erickson Building

You are invited to two "Women in Science" events. The first, a Documentary Screening of 'Picture a Scientist', will take place on Wednesday, Nov 3rd. The second, a Panel Discussion with PSU Women in Leadership, will take place on Friday, Nov 5th. See the flyer below for more info. Please register by flashing the QR code on the attached flyer or by following this link.  Both events are open to all members of the PSU community (faculty, all staff , students) regardless of gender identity. We aim to foster conversations and create connections within the College of Ag and, more broadly, across Penn State.  These events are hosted by members of the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management DEIJ committee, the Plant Science Department EDI committee, and the CoA Office for Multicultural Affairs.

Love is Louder

When November 3, 2021, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Where HUB Heritage Hall

Join for food, music, and activities!

Visual Identity
Cynthia Fisher
SAFES Associates

Here you will find a list of SAFES Associates. Faculty with SAFES Associate status can be expected to help: define and lead the CII under one of the SAFES research priorities; actively participate in seed grant review processes; identify priorities and speakers for SAFES seminar series and events; participate in SAFES steering committee; and participate in SAFES Committees.

SAFES Affiliates

Faculty with the SAFES Affiliate status can be expected to help with: possible participation in SAFES seed grant proposal review; participation in SAFES seminar series and events; participation in Critical Issue Initiative team.

Food Pantry Newsletters - English - to view or download

Issues 1-12 of Easy Cooking from Pantry to Table. See order form and index (in linked file) for topics covered by each. Issues 1-8, 10-12 are currently in print to order, other issues may be shared electronically. A booklet of sample copies of newsletters was sent out to NEAs in April 2021. Spanish newsletters are in process! 3 ways to direct partners or participants to the newsletters: 1) provide web address: https://extension.psu.edu/easy-cooking-from-pantry-to-table-newsletters 2) extension.psu.edu then search for pantry newsletters 3) search for Penn State Extension Nutrition Links, scroll down the page to the link to pantry newsletters.

Erie researchers identify new threat to American chestnut trees

Researchers at the Lake Erie Regional Grape Research and Extension Center have been studying the blight that rendered American chestnuts “functionally extinct.” Now, they’ve noticed another problem.

Penn State Ag Council presents 2021 Leadership Awards during fall meeting

An agricultural leader, a task force dedicated to slowing the spread of the spotted lanternfly, and a Penn State sophomore were the recipients of 2021 Leadership Awards given by the Penn State Agricultural Council.

Taking Ag Sciences Global

A discussion with Rob Bertram, Chief Scientist in USAID's Bureau for Resilience and Security, and Deanna Behring, Assistant Dean and Director of Penn State Ag Sciences Global.

National 4-H Hall of Fame inducts two retired Penn State 4-H educators

A retired Penn State 4-H extension educator and a retired faculty member were inducted into the National 4-H Hall of Fame on Oct.12 for their lifetime achievements and contributions to 4-H.

Karen Fisher-Vanden, Ph.D.
SAFES Fall 2021 Seminar Series
Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science (SAFES)

A new initiative to address complex, landscape-level challenges by channeling scientific research into solution-oriented policy, business, and practical innovations

Ag Live Tailgate

Join the Ag Alumni Society for Ag Live Alumni and Friends Tailgate on November 20, 2021.

Honey Has Numerous Health Benefits for Bees

From pesticide detox to increased longevity, the pros of the sweet stuff go well beyond simply nourishing the hardworking insects in the hive

Web Strategy and E-Commerce

The Web Strategy and E-Commerce Team develops strategic solutions to meet the online communication and e-commerce needs of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Penn State Extension.

Hidden Diversity: How the evolution of saliva shapes taste and health

When October 28, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Where Online

Omer Gokcumen, University of Buffalo

Students gain entrepreneurial experience through Harbaugh assistantship program

Several undergraduates in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences have a ringside view in moving research from the lab to the marketplace thanks to a unique opportunity offered through the college’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation program.

Fall Turkey Harvest

WE HAVE JUST REACHED OUR MAXIMUM PRE-ORDERS FOR 2021. HOWEVER, WE ARE TAKING WAITING LIST ORDERS. SEE BELOW. Every fall the club harvest sell's' fresh dressed turkeys to the general public as our club's main fundraiser. The Poultry Science Club has again had to adjust how we complete this event in 2021. We are targeting birds for the 18-23 pound range again this year. The sale itself will be similar to last year in that we will have to take pre-order. But, pick up will be at a different location and in a timed manner on both Sunday the November 21st and Monday the 22nd. Also, there will be an electronic on-line form to complete to start the pre-order process. The form will become active at 8pm on October 20th. You will receive a confirmation of your order within 48 hours.

Food Prep Video Flash Cards posted 10-2021

Play this video for your participants so they can guess and learn the different food preparation terms and methods. It shows 51 items 4 times through, about 5 minutes per segment. First time it plays through without naming the food prep methods. You can give the answer sheet and let participants guess the cooking terms. Be aware, it moves fast! The second time (5:25) it plays with each term named, so participants can check their answers and fill in what they missed. The third (10:44) and fourth (16:03)times are a repeat of the first 2. If time permits you can let them just watch the first 2 segments then fill in answers and check on segments 3 and 4.

Food Preparation Video Flash Cards DVD

Participant answer sheet and instructor key. Link to video which is posted on Sharepoint.

The Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences

The Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences (PSEAS) has deep roots, blooming out of what was formerly known as the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences.