The college has buses available for clearly sponsored College and University classes and activities

If your unit needs College of Agricultural Sciences buses, first read the BUS GUIDELINES and then please return a completed Bus Request form (pdf) to Farm Operations building or email it to

You have been provided with advance enrollment totals for your courses from Undergraduate Education. These data will be useful in determining your bus scheduling needs.

When scheduling buses, Farm Operations will be using the following criteria to distribute the use of our limited bus resources for instructional purposes in the college.

Consideration will be given to the needs of all units, i.e., the distribution of requests among units

  • First priority will be given to off campus trips.
  • On campus class trips will then be considered according to distance. Priority given to those further away from the center of campus.
  • Consideration will also be given to the history of student "ridership" in the class.

Please note that charges will be assessed for all bus trips whether on or off campus.

If you have any questions concerning bus scheduling, please call Trish Shaw, Farm Operations and Services at 865-4433.

Bus Request Form

PDF document, 30.7 KB

Please fill out this form to request a bus for a college class, activity or event

Bus Guidelines

Includes information on vehicles available, limits on use, how to schedule a vehicle, cancellations, priority of use, and rates.