Includes information on vehicles available, limits on use, how to schedule a vehicle, cancellations, priority of use, and rates.

Vehicles Available

The College of Agricultural Sciences has three passenger vehicles. The vehicles are "school-type" buses. They are generally suitable for a total distance of travel up to 120 miles on one day.

Vehicle #1 - 40 passenger bus, PA system, air conditioning

Vehicle #2 - 40 passenger bus, PA system, air conditioning

Vehicle #3 - 40 passenger bus, PA system, no air conditioning

Limits of Use

The vehicles are to be used only for clearly sponsored College and University activities, and should not be scheduled for distances more than 120 miles round trip. They absolutely cannot be made available for private use of any group outside the university. They are to be used in Pennsylvania only.

How to Schedule

To schedule a bus, complete a "Bus Request" form (pdf) and return it to Bus Scheduling Manager in the Farm Services Building. Forms may be obtained from the Farm Operations office or from the Undergraduate Education office.


In several instances a person has failed to cancel a bus after changing plans. This eliminated use of the bus by others, created inconveniences, and caused an unnecessary expense to pay for the driver. The unit of the staff member who fails to cancel a scheduled bus will be charged a minimum fee of $30.00.

To cancel a bus due to changes in plans, call Farm Services at 814-865-4433.

Priority of Use

For Use within the College of Agricultural Sciences

Transporting students (associate, baccalaureate, graduate, winter course) on field trips or to regularly scheduled laboratory instruction requiring facilities such as barns, fields, forest areas, Rock Springs, Stone Valley and other areas which are not within walking distance.

Transporting participants in connection with meetings, short courses, and tours both on and off campus, sponsored by units, the College, or other administrative units.


Charge: $1.00 per mile, plus $30.00 per hour ($45.00 overtime) for the driver, or a minimum flat rate of $30.00, whichever is higher.

Last update 02/22