International Agriculture and Development Graduate Program

Program Objectives

Students benefit from the program through

  • Knowledge, training, and academic achievement in their primary discipline.
  • Understanding that agriculture has interlocking relationships with all sectors of the economy; functions within a socio-, cultural, economic and political milieu; and can be a vital resource to directly address issues of hunger, poverty, and health, throughout the world.
  • A greater capacity to link knowledge with action to promote international agriculture and development.
  • The global competency and skill set needed for leadership positions in research, nonprofit organizations, government agencies at all levels, and corporations.
  • Intercultural communication skills, plus competence to work in diverse settings.
  • A budding network of contacts in the academic and international development communities that will increase access to employment and international research opportunities and internships.
  • Increased opportunities for publication in a growing field of professional journals.

The INTAD dual-title degree will enable students to

  • Describe and analyze changing global systems (political, economic, social, and environmental) that affect world food systems
  • Identify key social, cultural, economic and political influences and their impact on agriculture and development in local, national and international contexts.
  • Explain the history, impact, resources, and constraints of international agricultural institutions.
  • Apply research, extension, education, and evaluation tools for both collaborative development and technology transfer/adaptation, particularly in resource-poor situations.
  • Understand, apply, and develop teamwork and leadership skills designed for work within and across multicultural institutions.

The International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) program does not require previous international experience. The program is appropriate for students who have an interest in working to solve international issues related to agriculture and development. The INTAD dual-title degree program is designed to help students gain international experience through coursework, research, and opportunities abroad offered by the College of Agricultural Sciences.



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