Student Teacher Final Presentations Ensure Students to be "Penn State Ready"

Posted: December 16, 2013

Attend these presentations for your benefit, to explore possible career opportunities with post-baccalaureate certification or double majoring to achieve teacher certification. Presentations will occur in Ferguson 214 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (December 16, 17, & 18). The final presentations represent the cumulative effort of our candidates to ensure that they are “Penn State Ready” to maximize their student teaching internship as a positive agent of change in communities across Pennsylvania.

Overview of Presentation Expectations

The presentations are meant to be a holistic overview of total preparation expiring, but they also represent the final for the following 13 credits of courses:

  • AEE 295 (3) – Early Field Experiences in Agricultural Education
  • AEE 350 (3) – Teaching Methods in Agricultural Education Laboratories
  • AEE 412 (4) – Teaching Methods in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • AEE 413 (3) – Program Planning in Agricultural Education
Each candidate is allocated 1 hour, with 30 minutes being available for the public presentation, and the other time being utilized for individual consultation/discussion with the panel. Time will be provided for questions and answers as part of the public presentation.

Essential Questions

The candidates have been asked to answer the following three essential questions as part of their public presentation:

Question I – Who do I aspire to be as a teacher? 

Description: The teacher candidate will present an overview of the type of teacher they aspire to be. Teacher candidate will share their fundamental beliefs and philosophy as well as evidencing their comprehension and integration of a total agricultural education program.

Candidates will evidence:

  • Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • Model Program Curriculum
  • Community Integration Plan (i.e. Advisory Committees)
  • Youth Organization (FFA) Integration
  • Experiential Education/Financial Literacy (SAE) Integration
  • Comprehensive Lab/Contextual Learning Integration
  • Video Highlights of Pedagogical Abilities
  • Classroom Management Plans
  • Marketing Program/Recruiting representative Populations

Question II – What experiential education opportunities have I engaged in to become a better agricultural educator?

Description: The teacher candidate will present relative coursework, internships, study abroad experiences, and life experiences that helped prepare them to be an agricultural educator. The key for the candidate to draw the connections from the experiences to how it will help them succeed in the agricultural education profession.

Candidates will evidence:

  • Identification of key courses, and or assignments in courses completed at Penn State that helped the candidate feel confident for teaching.
  • Identifying minors, certifications, or accreditations acquired to become a better agricultural educator
  • Examples of curriculum or professional development workshop attended while an undergraduate student.
  • Examples of study abroad experiences that helped prepare the candidate to be globally competent and multi-culturally competent
  • Connections between other internships and life work experiences to agricultural education teacher development.
  • Identification of steps taken to be prepared to deal with needs of diverse learners in both ability and background.

Question III- How am I prepared to maximize my student teaching internship opportunity?

Description: The teacher candidate will show evidence of planning completed to be prepared to best serve the secondary students of the cooperating center.

Candidates will evidence:

  • Contextual Understanding of cooperating center
  • Evaluation of Cooperating Center 
  • Development of Master Calendar of Experience
  • Course of Study for Student Teaching 
  • Instructional Material (lesson and unit plans) and Organization System for each class 
  • Professional Contribution to the Community of Learners
  • Reflection on focused strengths as a teacher candidate entering student teaching and identification of key areas of focused improvement during student teaching

Schedule of Candidate Presentations

Monday, December 16th


8:15-9:15am      Todd McMillen, @ToddMcMillen1

Internship Location: Big Spring HS  Cooperating Teacher: Sara Beth Fulton

9:30-10:30am Jessie Ross, @JessieLeeRoss Internship Location: Derry Area HS  Cooperating Teacher: Roy Campbell

10:45-11:45am Emily Urban. @UrbanEmilyR Internship Location: Oley Valley HS  Cooperating Teacher:    Jeremy Deysher  

12:45-1:45pm  Casandra Foster, @foster_casandra Internship Location: Biglerville HS  Cooperating Teacher:   Michelle Miller

2:00-3:00pm      Brittany Rigg, @BrittanyRigg10  Internship Location: Northern Burlington MS, New Jersey  Cooperating Teacher: Robin McLean, @RCMcLean

3:15-4:15pm  Kate Livingston,@klivingston13 Internship Location: Cumberland Valley HS  Cooperating Teacher: Mike Woods,@cv_aggie

Tuesday, December 17th

8:15-9:15am  Valerie Laub@VLaub  Internship Location: Selinsgrove HS  Cooperating Teacher: Valerie Fry

9:30-10:30am  Annette Sprenkel @AnnetteSnook  Internship Location: Juniata HS  Cooperating Teacher: Jessica Morgan

10:45-11:45am  Mike Petrun, @PetrunMichaelG I – Internship Location: Cowanesque Valley HS  Cooperating Teacher: Marty Heyler  Part II – Internship Location: Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center  Cooperating Teacher: George Vahoviak

12:45-1:45pm  Quinn Cashell, @QCashell  Internship Location: Athens HS  Cooperating Teacher: David Steinfelt

2:00-3:00pm  Caleb Wright, @thewrightcaleb Internship Location: Midd-West HS  Cooperating Teacher:   David Bittner

3:15-4:15pm  Mindy Stoops, @irvinemindy  Internship Location: Mohawk HS  Cooperating Teacher: Cliff Wallace

Wednesday, December 18th

8:15-9:15am Tyler Cremeans, @TCMeansAgEd14 Internship Location: Gettysburg HS  Cooperating Teacher: Shawn Abma

9:30-10:30am  Meagan Slates, @Meagan_PSU Internship Location: Athens HS Cooperating Teacher: John Hines  

10:45-11:45am Jeanne Case, @JRose_Case Internship Location:Dover HS Cooperating Teacher: Alex Barzydlo, @abarzydlo

12:45-1:45pm  Sean Scanlon, @cowboy4real Internship Location:Elizabethtown HS  Cooperating Teacher: Mark Anderson

2:00-3:00pm  Allison Hoover, @allihoov  Part I – Internship Location: Wellsboro HS   Cooperating Teacher: Melanie Berndtson, @MBerndtson   Part II – Internship Location: Universidad Techica Nacional, Costa Rica  Cooperating Teacher: Diego Arguello

3:15-4:15pm  Billy Saylor, @CaptaintBSaylor Internship Location: James Buchanon HS Cooperating Teacher: Herb Hoffeditz

More Information

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Daniel D. Foster, Ph.D. Student Teacher Coordinator Agricultural & Extension Education


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