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Keep in Touch!

If you get a new smartphone over the holidays you may not want to wait for the new year to talk to your colleagues in Ag IT to get the phone set up to send/receive Penn State email. Even though it would give you plausible deniability..."Huh? I didn't see your December 23 message until January 2!!"…you would also be out of the loop for messages that you may want to see. Never fear – configuring email is easy on a new phone!

Preserve Your Self Esteem!

The holidays are here, and your brand new smart-phone is on the mantle while you struggle to read email on a spiderwebbed-cracked phone screen. Why? Because Ag IT is closed for the week and you don’t know the steps to configure the new one to your email!

College Email Migration Announcement

The College of Ag Sciences will be migrating mail and calendaring service to the Office 365 service hosted by the University in October!

Configure a New Smartphone or Tablet for Ag Exchange Email

It is a season of gifts, and if you receive a new smartphone or tablet, we just know that your highest priority will be college/work email. “No!” you will shout to friends and family, “None of those cool apps and no music yet…first I must check my College of Ag Email!” We have you covered, even while we’re closed!

Directory Lookup in Outlook Disappears

There are things we take for granted – they are just always there and they just always work…and it isn’t until they disappear that we even notice them. Such is the situation with the one-click to open Penn State’s Directory Services inside Outlook. It just disappeared – disappeared faster than a plate of Tollhouse Cookies at a team meeting!

Outlook Calendar Sharing

As teams grow - criss-crossing the state - and daily schedules become more complex, calendar sharing becomes more and more valuable.

iPhone/iPad Users - Watch Out!

iOS 10 – the current operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPad has a great feature to help you to unsubscribe from email listservs that are filling your mailbox. It is so simple and so easy that you might find yourself unsubscribed from valuable lists by accident!

Barracuda Update

The Barracuda fish is a fearsome and ferocious fish, patrolling the seas in search of prey <confirmed by Wikipedia and not disputed by Snopes>. The Barracuda spam filter is a fearsome and ferocious service that patrols the College of Ag email system in search of spam messages. A recent upgrade has changed what you see in your spam reports!

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